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Does anybody like hoenn types?

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User Info: abcDSBT

4 years ago#31
bd43 posted...
HeroSandwichlol posted...
Hoenn is the gen that innovated most compared to every other gen. Add to that the most original designs, and it's my favorite.

Special/physical split outweighs every innovation ever to the series.

Indeed. It is, and just might always be, the best thing to ever happen to it.

Gen III is my least favorite gen; I just couldn't get into it, mainly because my first impression of it was left by Colosseum, which I mistakenly thought was a new Stadium game. However, I don't hate it and it has a lot of Pokemon that I really like. Right behind Gen IV, it has my favorite starter trio. (Gen IV had better type combos for the Grass and Water starters, and I like Combusken over Blaziken.)
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User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#32
If you mean Pokemon, I don't. I have trouble even filling out a top ten of them. Metagross, Sharpedo, Breloom, Latios.....................that's all I got really. Deoxys is alright I guess, I'd just pick starters and legendaries at random after that.
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#33
Hoenn had some great pokemon. However the region had a bit too much water for my taste but I still enjoyed the games a good bit before I had my disconnect from pokemon and I finally got back to the series near the end of gen 4.

User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#34
I prefer Sinnoh types myself. Hoenn types have an Orre weakness which make them hard to use, while Sinnoh has a nifty Almia immunity that… Oh, I give up. There's clearly a joke here that no one (including me) is getting.
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#35
keybladesrus posted...
scrappybristol posted...
Hoenn Pokemon are good, Hoenn as a region was pretty forgettable.

Really? I found it the MOST memorable. It had a lot of interesting locations, and the whole sidequest with the Regi ruins was awesome. It was one of (I think) two regions with a desert, and Sootopolis was a very unique town.

The only thing I didn't like about the region was that there was so much water, but that would have been fine with more Pokemon variety instead of just Wingul, Tentacool, Pelliper over and over again...

Depends on whether you count the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. That one also has a desert, alongside Hoenn and Unova.
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