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Oh Smogon is back up.

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User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#11
You know, you don't have to use the sets if you don't want them, removing something people use doesn't really help anyone, and I'm pretty sure someone already has some of the sets written down or backed up.

People use those sets because they are a starting point for competitive battles. You could either use them exclusively and make a well built, but easy to read team. Or use them as your jumping point and try to make your own sets.
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#12
I hope people complaining about Smogon stay away from fighting games. If you complain about that, I don't want to hear what they think about BnBs and the common hit confirms.

That said. Awesome. I get to copy some sets for an Abomasnow and Cherrim I'm training in HG.
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User Info: Wuteng

4 years ago#13

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User Info: Shanoa

4 years ago#14
MogKnightAzure posted...
RageKaiser posted...
Roc_Raida posted...
From: RageKaiser | #003

Let the lack of creativity continue!

I really don't get this post. Smogon isn't to blame for the "lack of creativity" kind of is.

Instead of coming up with their own movesets people just run to smogon and copy/paste whatever BS they find on there.

What kind of logic is that? Smogon isn't to blame for people lacking originality. Those same people would copy/paste from another source if Smogon didn't exist. It would simply slow them down through a few google searches for strong builds.

This guy has it. Anti-Smogoners are just plain common sense lacking idiots. Perhaps we should censor out the entire Internet of Pokemon sets, up to random posts made by us, so that nobody here is ever "unoriginal" and we can go see those amazing Fire Spin/Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Fly Charizards you guys so want us to see.

User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#15
itt tears
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User Info: silenttype02

4 years ago#16
I like Smogon because it shows the base stats of a Pokémon as graphs. I like graphs and I haven't come across a website that uses bar graphs for the base stats.

User Info: GameNinjaGuy

4 years ago#17
I'll give you an example of these "creative" sets you're talking about (someone sent this team to the recorder)
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