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Water. Ground. Fire. Flying.

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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#21
Daemonscharm posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
Oh, yeah. Forgot about Kingdra.
Okay. FIVE aren't Pseudo Legendary and TWO don't suck.
Haxorus and Kingdra are both good.

Hax is pseudo IMO. dat 147 atk.

Kingdra over Flygon?

There's a difference between "as good as a pseudo" and "a pseudo."

If it's not a 3 stage evolution with the final evo having a 600 BST and a dual-type (so far at least) then it's not a pseudo.

Pokemon like Haxorus and Volcarona are as good as or can beat pseudos but that doesn't mean they are one. Some Pokemon are better than Legendary Pokemon, that doesn't make them Legendary.

CakeOfLies posted...
Everything changed when the Fighting types attacked.

Dragon type POKEMON are broken. They're all Legendaries/Pseudo Legendaries.
There are four Dragons that aren't, and three of them SUCK.

I see what you're trying to say, but really what you're saying is any Pokemon that's Dragon type that gets a high enough BST are OP. Does that work with other types? Is any type Pokemon with 500-600 plus BST instantly OP?

Hell no. Is Mew broken? It's got more BST than Haxorus and can learn every move, and yet it's used much less. Even if it had the same stat distribution that Haxorus does it still wouldn't be as good--because Psychic just isn't as useful. Its weaknesses hurt it more and its attacks are walled more.

What about Victini? Also 600 BST and sports the strongest attack in the game that isn't sacrificial. And yet it's also UU at best.

If you look up the Pokemon with a BST of 540 like Haxorus you'll find some in OU with ol' Haxy but you'll also find some in far lower tiers. But is there ANY Dragon Pokemon with a BST of 540 or more that isn't in OU at least? All I could find was Kingdra and Kyurem. The former pretty much because he doesn't hit as hard as the others and the latter because he's part Ice.

There are a myriad of non-Dragon Pokemon with high BSTs that aren't OP and yet every single Dragon that gets about 540 BST or more is often considered OP, or at least dangerous enough to plan for and will sweep your team if not stopped quickly.

The Dragon type and Dragon attacks have advantages that many other types don't. That's why almost every Dragon is competitively viable unless they give it poor stats/movepool. (And even then, they're good within their tier.) After all, nobody is calling for a nerf for Psychic despite all the Psychic Legendaries that get over 500 BST. Yet that's what is happening to Dragons now, and GF is even acting on it.
In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#22
SilentSeph posted...
So does that mean Smeargle is the Avatar?

Kecleon is the Avatar. Or Arceus.
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