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Your thoughts on the Gym Leader - Day 41: Skyla

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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#11
Oh my GOD! I love Skyla so much!!

My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#12
This post contains a lot of my heart! My blood sweat and tears & all that crap. Never in my life have i been so infatuated with ANY woman i've seen in my life to where i felt the need to dedicate so much to her. I have walked on water over the 8 seas of earth... yes 8.. the 8th was created from my tears of dissapointment.. i guess you can call me Poseidon .. .. but yea, crying because all these 19 years of my life, i can never find the woman of my life, the other half of my heart, mi corazon.. Until this one instant of my life.. it's like i was struck by a stealth rock... such a paralyzing freeze shock.

Enough with the crackpock rambling but here's some stuff i wanted to show you.

Here's a bad picture of me posing with my Skyla cards (lol)

Here's some other pics of my Skyla stuff!!
Let's see.. i lost count but i probably spent over $200 on all this stuff. I don't even read pokemon adventures but i bought that book soley for the fact Skyla was on the cover. I plan on sticking all those deck sleeves on my walls, i was thinking that'd be a creative use for them! Also i completely forgot to include this Skyla folder in the pic, which is full of all the stories & poetry i wrote for her (more on that later)
Kinda too much (i have more) to contain in one pic but it will continue to grow!! You best believe!

Anywho cover/uncover your ears lol i have done some song covers for her and i will do more!
(remove the asterik near the*g
And here's some random song i made for her, i know it's far from perfect but yea lol

Brb i got more
My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: Maetch

4 years ago#13
How the heck did this crazy broad get her pilot's license? Does the Pokémon world even have an FAA?

User Info: Angels2002

4 years ago#14
White FC: 3741-0929-5360

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#15
Here's some podm i wrote for her, it was called "Is Skyla an angel?" (I plan on lengthning & improving it)

Excuse me but i have undeniable evidence to believe so.

From her lustrous, blue eyes ,to her flaming red hair..
Her association with the sky, striking beauty to make one stare..
Personality with such a charm ,complete with a caring heart
It cannot be denied...she is a being from the land above
She makes the luvdisc shine. She makes the pidoves cry.
Every gaze upon her eyes is like a roar of time..
Struck me like a stealth rock. Parilyzed by a freeze shock.
That silhouette in the sky...a ray that makes a man confused
Tornadus can shoo. thundurus begone. By herself she blesses the skies of Isshu.
Catching her above is a greater blessing than a ho-oh.
The reason why she roams this earth..unown.
Perhaps Arceus sent me a blessing from above..
My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#16
I remember posting this in the earlier days of this board, about "describe your ideal day with a polemon character" (next post, it's too long) but i thought it was cute
My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#17
*waking up to a bright sunshine day
Me: ah this is gonna be a wonderful day. Life is lovely 8D
*eagerly picks up cellphone & texts Skyla whom ive had a crush on since forever
-hey do you want to go to the mall today?
*as i wait for a response a rush of blood flows to my head causing my nervous system to go abrupt, making my hands shake*
*recieves a text*
Skyla: of course buddy i'd love too ;D
Me: *outloud* WOO!
*wipes enough sweat off forehead that it splashes quietly on the hardwood floor, enough to wipe up an ugly dirt spot on the said floor*
Me: text* COOL! What time shall i pick you up my queen ;) aha
Her: lol um how about an hour mkay?
*for the next 30 minutes i get ready. I shower in which i sing nightcruising by the bar kays, scrubbing every inch i can possibly reach with a bar of dove soap. As i exit the shower, my body is revealed through a field of steam while i make my way towards the mirror in which i groom my short fro.*
Me: ok i'm out the shower , fresh and READY TO ROLL!
Skyla: you're such a dork lol :P pick me up anytime you're ready!
Me: fasho!
*i make my way out of my upstairs apartment, walking down the stairs with a swagger that catches the glances of my neighbors. I step up to my shining, sparkling 59 chevy impala ive refurbished from scratch. Each time i see it i think about how impressive my work is. I then jump into the ride & make way to skyla's.
Skyla: uh ok just a second!
*opens door*
Me: great to see you mistress!
*I Kneel down to kiss her hand which is very soft & smooth. Putting my lips against her hand made me think just how softer her lips must be, perhaps like yogurt*
Skyla: aha aw:) but did you seriously just say "knock knock"? Youre supposed actually hit to door dummy:)
Me: you think i don't know that -_- aha shall we be on our way?
Skyla: sure!
*I put my hand on her back to escort her to my car. She seemed to take it a bit awkwardly, maybe i am taking this a bit intensely. But i must say, the pleasure it was to simply lay my hand on her back was invigorating.
*on the way to the mall
Skyla: So this the ride youve told me about. I must say i'm quite impressed, very artistic.
Me: yeaa that's me alright, all artistic and sexy haha
Skyla: teehee you're so silly!
*in the crowded parking lot, finding a space was like trying to find hay in needle stack. She didn't seem to lose her patience thankfully. As we exit the car we walk side by side. Very awkward moment, i kept thinking about holding her hand but we're just friends. She seemed a bit "off" about something too.Perhaps the same thing?
Nontheless we shop together at the mall. As she reluctantly comes with me into gamestop, i also reluctantly come with her to victorias secret.
Skyla: *gasp* oh noo.. It's so lovely but i don't want to spend all my cash..
Me: this shirt? Well.. It's all on me :)
Skyla: aww you don't have to. Just nevermind it i'll look for something else
Me: no biggie. Its fine. All on me
Skyla: awww.. :))
*after hours in the mall we walk back to my car. I take the pleasure of holding all her bags while she walks free handed, gracefully like a beautiful hawk in the sky.
*at her house
Skyla: thank you Alfonz i had a great day. Listen you should come inside
Me: uh sure o_o
Skyla: um ok i KNOW. All the flirty words and text, gestures, the way you treat me. You must really like me. Do you?
Me: i ...yess i do..??
*As we both blush face to face, a strange feeling of mutual bond forms. I can just feel it. After about a moment silence she walks closer. She was closer before but now this is CLOSE. Out of instinct i kiss her and she kisses back. This is it. We fall over on a couch kissing.
Skyla: I ..will go all the way if you like
Me: ._.

(i didnt mean that lol)
My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#18
And then this happened

Sunshine outside. Beaming through the open, spotless window. The destination of the sun rays? Right onto her sleeping beauty. Her face gleams flawlessy, her beauty is reflecting straight back into my watering, greatful eyes. As i sit here, previously half awake, but now fully awake in order admiring her beauty, i know i am no longer in a fantasy.. I can't help it.

Me: ROARR!! Rise and shine?
Moments later, she struggles to wake with her eyes still half shut like a newborn child.
Skyla: ehh..tee hee goodmorning hun :)
Me: 8D morning my awoken beauty..excuse the rudeness but i just had to disturb your beauty sleep! I require your attention! Aha

Skyla: teehee you're so cute! Like a child who doesn't want his mommy to leave him aha :) ..but did you really go rawr? Teehee chickens don't roar, they go "cawk-o-doodoo"

Me: Aha impression was still more accurate than yours :P

Skyla: pfft ha! Get out of here boy! :D
*she jolts up towards me pushes me out of the room. I, totally unware what was coming, stumbles out backwards. The force of the push was a very massive force. I eventually trip over and the back of my head crashes into the wall with the force of a raging bull ramming its horn. The sound of the impact was that of the roar of thunder that can make any man fear his life.

Skyla: *gasp* are you ok?
*she pauses for a second, seemingly to confirm i am in fact fine. Not quite as fine as i sit with a partly busted brain, it does not stop me from admiring her fine body figure as she stands there, with her glaring beautiful eyes staring at me eye to eye
Skyla: pfft ha *winks* ;) boy you don't know what you're in for!
*She then teasingly slams her bedroom door shut.
Me: ha aye...intimacy in our relationship is gonna get dangerous at this rate!
Skyla: *her beautiful voice echoes from behind the door like an opera singer* Ha! Damn sure it is if you don't get your behind up and cook me some breakfeast boy! :)
Me: Woo! I feel like i'm getting dominated here!
*I myself, feeling very hungry, decide this is a great time to cook some food. Though, i, personally am very hungry for something no i can't be thinking these unhealthy, lustrous thoughts!! Anyways, i rummage through her fridge. Perfect. Eggs! I will take my very fine culinary skills and ourselves a very fine omelette.
Me: *cooking and singing" she's perfect! Lady you're my destiny.. She's perfect! Is she really the one for me.. First time that i saw her.. Really blew my mind!! She!!! She was something specia-

Skyla: BOO!
Me: CRAP!!
Skyla: *face turns red giggling*
Me: what no look there's aliens outside!!
Skyla: *still giggling* boy shut up i know i got you! Teehee! :)
Me: ahh can't be disturbing my awesome culinary skills like this!
*I then show her the awesome omelette crafted by my very find hands. The scent of peppers, cheeses, cooked bacon, onions and much more flow about
Skyla: wow!! It's- she's perfect!
Me: is she really the one for me..wait you heard me?
Skyla: aha yes! The whole time i was right there behind you *teehee* you're really good!
Me: aha.. *blushing* well let's eat shall we?
*She smiles. We both chow down and conversate. Life is beautiful! I feel blessed that i am able to have it so well with the girl i have wanted all my life.
My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#19
Oh yea and this was the beggining ;}

This was the true beginning of us..

It basically began while travelling on my lonesome..i stepped into Mistralton city for a relief. Upon scoping my eyesight on the magnificent scenery..something even more so caught my eyes. I saw a bright red flash in the corner of my eyes. A red so violently beautiful i thought my eyeballs imploded. Then a relief of lustrous, sparkling, watery blue eyes, a blue i would describe as the wonderful ocean and spacious sky creating a love child with each other. I never seen i vision of something so was right there yet i still still had to stare. I was almost, frozen in fear. A standoff between a snarling tiger and shivering fear-stricken prey. I don't know how long i was staring, must have felt like ages but somewhere during that time span, she caught me red handed...i finally realized she was staring was something vicious as opposed to my innocent look of infatuation. Two flaming auroras face to face.. Even so, i just felt a mutual bond forming between us. It was almost at this moment that we became one, united. Though nothing was said, i finally snapped back into concious and picked up where i left off.. Now that i think about it, i have no idea where i was heading but then now, i had a new thought and objective in my mind...her. Ever since this moment, She, this wonderful mystery girl could not escape my mind. The hard stare she implanted in my mind was permanently etched in my mind. And i'm pretty sure it was likewise for her... i just knew she felt the same. I turned back around and she seemed awfully distracted. Her head to the ground, kind of blushing, and from what i could tell she could not, for the life of her, focus on what her flight attendents were telling here. Suddenly she just bolted off, yelling something like "Sorry this is not a good time!". That was it. I had to make this girl mind..whatever it takes. All the previous doubts i had on myself were this moment, God told me that when i die, it will be because he required his loving heart and soul to be returned to him. And i happened to be in posession of them. Turns out i had it in me all along. Fear nothing my lady..i pose no threat.
My mother used to say i was a little reverend, that's why they call me God number seven

User Info: Mecamatt

4 years ago#20
The most beautiful fictional character ever drawn.
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