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i hope this game has....

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User Info: NovaWingz

4 years ago#1
multiple save files, having one save file a game kinda sucks when you wanna play from the begining again
not changing this till capcom revives megaman.(megaman star force 4)

User Info: andrewx72

4 years ago#2
I would like that too.
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User Info: ElectricNova

4 years ago#3
We should have always had multiple files.

However Gamefreak are too money hungry and want people to buy one game per save file.
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User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#4
I think it has been confirmed to have only one save file as usual. I dont mind restarting, but with X and Y i might eventually just buy a digital copy for my replaying needs.

User Info: dbzxgamer

4 years ago#5
While it hasnt been mentioned I would love to see pokemon walk around with you again like they did with Yellow and HG & SS. But if not this game then hopefully a future gen 6 game. I know you can ride certain pokemon tho

User Info: TorchicBlaziken

4 years ago#6
New Game+ would be much better for this purpose and it's what I've always wanted.

User Info: dbzxgamer

4 years ago#7
I liked how in the BW2 you were given a lucky egg I hope they actually give you one again but earlier in the game like how you were able to get an early exp share

User Info: Overlord_MMXU

4 years ago#8
It was confirmed during the pokemon E3 questioning session that there will only be one save file, and that that's how they prefer their pokemon games to be, Sorry. In other words, even in future gens, there will always be just one save file, because this is how they want it to be.

Check this video out, as it confirms that and other questions asked during E3.

Around 5:16.
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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#9
Didn't one of the new updates allow you to backup 3ds saves?
So yea we already have it now iirc
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User Info: zurcn

4 years ago#10
PrettyTonyTiger posted...
Didn't one of the new updates allow you to backup 3ds saves?
So yea we already have it now iirc

save backups are/can be disabled for some games, pokemon is likely to be one of them due to trade exploits

save backups only work for digital copies (just in case someone didn't get the memo)

however with a digital copy and 2 sd cards (or more) it should be possible to have 2 copies of the same game each with it's own save (or more)
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