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Moves that should be updated

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User Info: Block_Man_X

4 years ago#11
gpstylez posted...
Double Team - raises evasion by two stages.

Wouldn't matter since double team is already banned in tourneys. It would certainly help when playing through the game though.
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User Info: monpoke3

4 years ago#12
self-destruct power 250 and explode is 500 and banned for most tournament

User Info: Hanon623

4 years ago#13
The sad thing is that in gen 4 self destruct was stronger than that and explosion effectively did have 500 power

User Info: KosacV

4 years ago#14
Every non-priority/multi-hit punch move under 85 power--->85 power
Make Giga drain 85 Power also.
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User Info: Crimzonite

4 years ago#15
Give Teleport a use in Link Battles. I don't care if that use is either awesome or lame, just let it do something other than fail outright. Splash should be the only move that doesn't do anything in any context, since it's a joke move.
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