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Watch as I rap about Froakie

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User Info: domo1012

4 years ago#71
Chespin FTW!
White FC: 3740-9761-7614 PSN: domo1_012
I want to roar like Eren someday...

User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#72
TC is the rapper this board needs, but not the one it deserves.

User Info: Eeveelutions8

4 years ago#73
FuneralCake posted...

Your poetry doesn't impress me!

Couldnt even sing it rap style since it missed a lot of syllables or had too many :p
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User Info: itachi134

4 years ago#74
Tetsaiga223 posted...
We're rapping now? Oh y'all gotta let me on
And watch me make the status bounce like an Espeon
Tetsaiga's a monster, no pokeball could ever control em
I'm known to make it rain like Politoeds and Kyogres
Heart of steel, no kind of poison can ever corrode him
I'm known to blow up like an Electrode's explosion
Stating facts on gamefaqs in the form of a rap
Making these players rage like a horde of Zubats
Move back, because no other trainer can ever top me
Dynamic punches, a Snorlax can't even stop me
Aura like Lucario, strength of a Machoke
Guitar-playing ninja, you can say I'm stealth rocking.


Yeah yeah yeah that was tight!

He just spit it grand, that Tetsaiga-san
Swinging his thing like the sword of man
Then enter Samurai Tacho, coming from the holy land
With the Tenseiga in hand
Resurrects 100 fallen soldiers in the ditch of a dam

These weak cats, cowardly blood suckers like Myoga
I'll slay them faster than the bakuryuuha did Hyoga
Back to Pokemon, I fly higher than Winona
6 pairs of wings transcended me above a drizzle teams Hurricane Volcarona

Cause I was born to fly
Like a Bay-gon
My wings mutated in as I wrote in crayon on a ouija board seance
Or is it pronounced Bag-on?
I spread my 20 foot wing span like an extinct Pteranadon
Then imma stomp out you, your dad and mom like a prehistoric Mastadon
If you're scared to die, then you're scared to live

User Info: JaybirdX

4 years ago#75
Bravo Bravo

Why haven't you signed to a major label yet?

User Info: Suiku

4 years ago#76
Octaivian_Rex posted...
TC is the rapper this board needs, but not the one it deserves.

Yep... the one this board deserves is Aankhein... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh!
>> Poke-Lover <<
English is not my first language, my grammar SUX, just lettin' you know

User Info: Omega_Dragons

4 years ago#77
Can we get all of these rappers a record deal? They would be the best rappers ever.
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User Info: Noctus3

4 years ago#78
Omega_Dragons posted...
Can we get all of these rappers a record deal? They would be the best rappers ever.

Does that include me? No one seemed to take my rap into consideration.
**** you SE for trolling us with that TWEWY port. I hate you.

User Info: Pluscano

4 years ago#79
Humpty Dumpty sat on a fence
Then got his ass wrecked by Salamence
My boy Tacho be sky high like Rayquaza flyin by
Across the skies of Hoenn lookin mighty spry
And I dont look too shabby either flying above Shanghai
You haters can reply, retry, and wrap them raps up in a bow-tie
But you're just a french fry against tacho and his ally

Plus bus
I rap it clean without a cuss
This thread is nuts
And these bars are as sharp as Super Cuts
Squares be spittin without a flow just for show
Rhymes as soft as Pillsbury dough
While mines stir a Leaf Storm like Rotom mow
It's aight though
Cause now you know
How a rap goes
Thanks to this pro
Black FC: 0733-4013-2279

User Info: itachi134

4 years ago#80
All this talk about dragons, lets get it on
Cause I got more heads than a Hydreigon
Each one of em spit a different rap
Like Jaden Yuki when he gets his game on
But suck it Winged Kuriboh
My spirit summon is Lee Pai-Long

And don't even ask me how
Or I'll slice you in half with my hat like Kung Lao
Cause I got more furyoku than Asakura Hao
I was an extra in the movie Kung Pow
You can see me doing the matrix while I'm fighting a cow
But lemme slow it down

Hold out on those multis
Don't try to assault me cause you're gonna leave hungry
I'll take candy from you baby like you're Timmy McNulty
This board has to stop talking about Poke girls being sultry
Cause the Poke world ain't some third world country

You will get arrested for hitting on jail bait
Hit one too many and you'll find Officer Jenny on your tailgate
So don't walk into the daycare looking for playmates
Oh wait
They do stuff there when it turns late
The grandma and grandpa working the place
Had no idea how the eggs got there
Or so they said with a straight face
If you're scared to die, then you're scared to live
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