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Watch as I rap about Froakie

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User Info: Lucario316

4 years ago#81
itachi134 posted...
All this talk about dragons, lets get it on
Cause I got more heads than a Hydreigon
Each one of em spit a different rap
Like Jaden Yuki when he gets his game on
But suck it Winged Kuriboh

My spirit summon is Lee Pai-Long

And don't even ask me how
Or I'll slice you in half with my hat like Kung Lao
Cause I got more furyoku than Asakura Hao
I was an extra in the movie Kung Pow
You can see me doing the matrix while I'm fighting a cow
But lemme slow it down

Hold out on those multis
Don't try to assault me cause you're gonna leave hungry
I'll take candy from you baby like you're Timmy McNulty
This board has to stop talking about Poke girls being sultry
Cause the Poke world ain't some third world country

You will get arrested for hitting on jail bait
Hit one too many and you'll find Officer Jenny on your tailgate
So don't walk into the daycare looking for playmates
Oh wait
They do stuff there when it turns late
The grandma and grandpa working the place
Had no idea how the eggs got there
Or so they said with a straight face

OMG someone else watched YuGiOh GX

You win the internets

User Info: itachi134

4 years ago#82
Forget Hydreigon
I'm three headed like King Ghidorah and each one of em rocks a Fedora
The raps I spit will turn you to stone like Dabura
Then I'll put you in a Jiu Jitsu kimura
Constricting your body with more arms than Space Amoeba Gezora
And when I'm done I'll walk out with a happy face smiling like a Sunflora

I'm like Varan, unbelievable
I'm the baron, inconceivable
My harem, its unreasonable

I'll swig a fifth of a whole can
Get me higher than Rodan after piffing a whole gram
So you better listen like Scottie Pippen to Phil Jackson coaching old man
Just pass it to Jordan and everything going according to plan
Matter fact, forget Rodan
I'll fly higher than Peter Pan and ascend into Neverland
Cause I blazed this bar like going into Stark and finding Hiidoran
Evolving with such Sheer Force you thought I was Nidoran
If you're scared to die, then you're scared to live

User Info: Pluscano

4 years ago#83
Haxorus the hazardous
Rising from the dead lie Lazarus
Axe the backs of the fallen like its cancerous
And come to the deck of life using Pot of Avarice
Still lookin glamorous
All you guys looking cantankerous
Hopin I go to ubers like Smogon and Landorus

Double dance
hustle, prance
I'll pull a Dragon Dance out of my pants
I'm the Lonefire Blossom, king of the plants
So whip out your gameboy advance
I'll school you so hard with a zard belly dance
And I'll take a glance
While you're all in a trance
I'm the dragon master champion Lance

I'm like the black mamba
Slip through and strike like the bomba
And i'll do it in style in time with the samba
Count it and one, I won game 7 with a scrub like Smush Parka
As you say to yourself: "bah humbug"
Black FC: 0733-4013-2279

User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

4 years ago#84
these just keep getting better and better.

i seriously must have re-read this topic over 6 times already
the official BAT DRAGON of the pokemon X/Y boards

User Info: Pluscano

4 years ago#85
Tatakai no Kami
I'm the king of games like Yami
As unheralded as the flavor umami
I'm the real God of Battle so go home to mommy
This verse is sicker than The Room and Tommy


Even tho I'm as graceful as the Mother Theresa
I shred paper to pieces like a Mexican's visa
And the universe too because my name is Shiva
My lines soothe like a shot of anesthesia
Viva La Vida
This thread is bone dry like Southern Tunisia
So I'll boost it up like RBY Mewtwo's Amnesia

Special stat
What's up with that
I'll run a Nasty Plot on that Crobat
But I got more ideas than that dumb cat
I be spitting rhymes in this vat
Where's the chit chat
There are more people here than the land of GujaRAT
Too bad yall are as ugly as Ron's naked mole rat
Black FC: 0733-4013-2279

User Info: itachi134

4 years ago#86
My jeans got a white wash on the denim
Cause I spit cobra venom in em
I'll pluck the strings of a Shamisen and then
You can call me the Kame-Sennin

I'm listenin to instruments that'll make you relax like a Snorlax
It's imminent
Pay a penny for these raps with no tax
And imma bring it to you like Uyama Hiroto on sax

Cause Gone are the Days
They coulda went many ways
But Nujabes got spirited away
And if I may I'd prefer to wait
81summers before God shows me the way
Up into Heaven's rays

That's just how it is
Unless your name is Jesus Christ
The world is filled with death and life
And thats what Yveltal and Xerneas are gonna slice
But I've had enough, I've seen the strife
So I keep it rolling like dice and keep it frosty like ice
One day imma find a wife whose gonna cook me fried rice
And I'll be like damn honey, that's real nice
So don't be unaware like the three blind mice

Some day, your time will come
And I hope that when mine does
I'll remain ethereal like the holy sun
If you're scared to die, then you're scared to live

User Info: Pluscano

4 years ago#87
I'm Lil B and I'm so based
Even though my music is worse than radioactive waste
But it doesn't matter cause these young fellas have no taste
They'd rather twerk their waist
Their morals defaced
Butts misplaced
As dumb as the toddler eating paste
As life looks on, disgraced

Even though listening to me is a sin
I'm a has been
Got money on my mind? All I can afford is a clothespin

"And they stay down, and they stay down, and they stay down up down up down up down"
The hell kinda lyrics are those? I'd best be a clown
Except instead of making little kids frown
I'd be a champion renowned
My haters can burn down
down town
town's a noun
and my lines are sweet like caramel brown
poop that is, but you'll still see me around

Cause now I'm gonna rock some tags
I'm Macklemore and I look like a total drag
Got 20 dollars for some rags
Just look at me and you're gonna gag
Worse than Pokemon Showdown lag
Or after you're doing whacking to a Playboy mag
Or when you drain your wallet buying a tote bag
I'll capture the flag
My patronus is the stag
And my stare will freeze you like Wobby's Shadow Tag
Black FC: 0733-4013-2279

User Info: itachi134

4 years ago#88
Listen up cause I got a flow
Yall better watch it though
Before I make it drizzle like a Politoed
When I'm rain dancin like a Navajo

But I ain't from an Indian tribe
I'm more like a Hindu samurai
And the sound of my battle cry
Make the dove fly and the tear dry
So don't wonder why

I got that style that none of you can copy
Not even a Ditto can cop me
I'm more Indian than Hadji
And I'm about to go on a quest with Johnny

I've mastered every type of battle style
And it only took me a little while
Started playing competitively in Gen 4
You're looking at the Sinnoh child
Garchomp hit you with a sonic boom like Guile

All I need is a Garchomp to eat you faster than a piranha
Feeding on your leftover carcass like a school of Carvanha
I achieved enlightenment like a Buddhists nirvana
Faster than you managed to evolve your Vibrava
If you're scared to die, then you're scared to live

User Info: koutsu88

4 years ago#89 O_O
"there is no use lecturing pigs" kazuya shibuya [GT/PSN:koutsu 88] [Dragonlord of TBWNN] [defiance : Azrael cross ][save timesplitters4]

User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

4 years ago#90
itachi134 posted...
My jeans got a white wash on the denim
Cause I spit cobra venom in em
I'll pluck the strings of a Shamisen and then
You can call me the Kame-Sennin

the official BAT DRAGON of the pokemon X/Y boards
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