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Pokemon Fusion Ideas

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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#1
This is not one of the generator threads but simply a, I like this idea, dontcha like it too? sort of threads.

I have been thinking lately.
Dusknoir + Magnezone = something that would by all intents and purposes remind me of Hal9000. I imagine some sort of haunted sentient computer, I imagine that glowing red eye and I could see it being pretty evil potentially.

Opponent sent out Hitmontop
You send out Dusknezone or for the purposes of this thread assume i named it Hal>9000.
Hitmontop used Rapid Spin... But it Failed.
Hal>9000 : Sorry Hitmontop but i cannot allow you to do that.
2766-8059-8176 Friend Code. Feel free to add me, Inbox me if you do though.
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