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ITT: List your favorite Pokemon, your age, band, tv show, movie, and food.

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User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#311
The Prestige
PSN: Toastie88 | XBL: ARGH ZUBATS | Steam: webbc99
Playing: MH3U, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, World of Warcraft

User Info: linktwo

4 years ago#312
Pokemon: Arcanine
Age: 22
Band: Casting Crowns
TV Show: Supernatural
Anime: Fairy Tail
Movie: The Avengers
Food: Pizza

User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#313
Fav. Pokemon - Blaziken/Aggron (I cant ever decide between these two >.<)
Age - 20
Band - Blind Guardian
Tv Show - Futurama
Movie - Dragonheart
Food - A plate of Nachos, loaded with just about everything you eat with nachos XD.

User Info: kratosdakota3

4 years ago#314
javel34 posted...
kratosdakota3 posted...
Pokemon: Gengar
Age: 21
Band: Tegan and Sara/Foo Fighters
TV Show: Parks and Rec/Adventure Time
Movie: LotR Trilogy/Moonrise Kingdom
Food: Elk tenderloins

Really disappointed in the fav bands listed. Some choices are just bad.

Upset at opinions, list tegan and Sara.

Please explain why Tegan and Sara aren't a 10/10 band? - psn: spardakett3

User Info: FTC_BlueStreak

4 years ago#315
Pokemon: Feraligatr
Age: 19
Band: Foo Fighters
TV Show: The Walking Dead, Futurama, It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia
Movie: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Food: Anything Spicy :D

User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#316
Favorite Pokemon- Metagross, although I might change to Honedge(dat ghost/steel)
Age- 13, quickly approaching 14
Band- none
Tv Show- Doctor Who
Movie- PotC
Food- Spagetti as default, Salad for hot weather
Apparently, I'm nobody.
B2 FC: 3010 5891 4441

User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#317
Pokemon: Arcanine
Age: 21
Band: Queen
TV Show: Dexter
Movie: Wayne's World
Food: Sushi
3DS FC: 3050-7585-1835- Jenna from Tea Leaf Town

User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#318
linktwo posted...

Band: Casting Crowns


I'm not the only one!You have great taste obviously.See post 170 for my ridiculously long list of contemporary bands I like.
Emerald Nuzlocke:Solrenge,Aqua,Messenger,Zero,Aure,Loyal
Official Random Keyblade Master of the KH3 board since June 11,2013 12:06 am est

User Info: BerserkLeon

4 years ago#319
ITT: Pizza lovers anonymous.

User Info: tallgeeseIV

4 years ago#320
Favorite Pokemon: Blaziken
Age: 28
Band: not that big on music... The Beetles?
TV Show: HeartCatch Precure
Movie: Princess Bride
Food: Curry
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