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Actually, I'm having a change of heart...

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User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#21
Scizor would straight up own that thing. But it looks interesting, and Contrary is awesome. Thanks Fellwolf and L4DHunter! <3

User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#22
hellslinger posted...
iKhanic posted...
hellslinger posted...
Should have seen this coming, for years I've seen so many dying for a Psychic/Dark combo, we get it and suddenly many are "this is terrible why would you give us this crappy combo".

I'm not saying that. I love Malimar and Psychic and Dark are my 2nd and 3rd favorite types, I'm just saying it's a shame it's not great in battle.

But you can't say that because all you know is the typing, there are still pokemon that have a medicore type and are still used.

I meant it's a shame the type isn't good in battle. If that thing gets Overheat or Leaf Storm and Stored Power, it's gg for everything.
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  3. Actually, I'm having a change of heart...

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