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Way to fix power creep?

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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#11
AsdfYunsungfdsA posted...
I feel like they should also balance SR somewhat...or at least provide some sort of item that lets Pokemon like Charizard take reduced or no damage from it. There's literally no use for a lot of fire types when they lose either a quarter or half their health just by switching in.

Heres what they should do. SR keep doing damage like it does, but now rock types absorb them and heal 25% health upon absorbing them. That way, people might think twice about laying down SR as they could end up healing their opponent.

In regards to the power creep here is one good idea. GF could give different pokemon different max EVs. Pokemon with very balanced stats would get more and pokemon with more varied stats would get fewer.
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User Info: Yamato_san

4 years ago#12
Aysander posted...
Gamefreak could stop the power inflation by bringing the first 3 gens up to speed (While phys/special split was the best thing ever imo, it ruined most gen 1-3 pokes save a small handful) with the current base averages for their type.

Nintendo can't do much of anything, though.

this, so much. While a lot of older Pokemon had stats based around their aesthetic design instead of actual utility and benefited from the split as a result (ex. pretty much any Pokemon that could use Crunch had an attack power superior to their special attack), there are still several others whose stats were only effective upon their introduction (why the hell is Shedinja's special attack lower than its defense, a stat which it can't even use? Sure it has Shadow Claw and X-Scissor instead of Shadow Ball and Silver Wind now, but Rocky Helmet and other new direct-contact hazards are not doing the poor thing any favors). Mustn't forget the plethora of middle-of-the-dex Pokemon with base stats barely capping in the 90s (Nidoqueen/king, are you kidding me? The things resemble Rhydon and require a ridiculously rare prior to gen4 Moon Stone, and THOSE are their stats?).

To some extent, I can understand it: early on, the franchise was treated more as a one-player collection RPG without any consideration for the competitive scene. To GameFreak, it probably didn't matter if your favorite Pokemon was an utterly broken Alakazam, or that crappy Farfetch'd you traded an NPC for, you could clear the single-player campaign with pretty much anything so long as you leveled enough. Now that things have changed, though, I wish they'd stop treating these stats as if they were set in stone (the one exception, apparently, being when the special stat was split into attack and defense). Though even aside from stats, any Pokemon could benefit with a good movepool.... or at least they would if almost every good attack of each type wasn't taught via TM/tutor to practically every Pokemon, with most exclusive moves being near worthless. So I guess all that leaves is abilities (from which some Pokemon have benefited considerably; just look at Scizor).

Gsus_94 posted...
They need to put Tauros and Persian back on their thrones lol (probably never going to happen)

EDIT: Besides, they were mainly only good due to faulty mechanics and no physical/special split. Hyper beam Tauros and Slash Persian FTW ;)

for whatever it's worth, the dodging mechanics sounds like it might be altered, if the descriptions of Pokemon-Amie are anything to go by. I doubt this means speed will be going back to effecting critical hits or your opponent's accuracy, but it sounds like a significant change nonetheless (maybe most attacks won't be at 100% default accuracy now).
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