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Real animals or living things that haven't been used yet?

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User Info: dhackIISword

4 years ago#71
Geoducks (it's not a duck!)

User Info: Kagayaku08

4 years ago#72
TDragon777 posted...
Kagayaku08 posted...
sugar glider
sun bear
sting ray

primeamp is kinda a gorrilla..

and not even gonna..

kinda don't count

and whats wrong with anaconda? The only snakes we have are cobras and vipers. A giant snake thats based around being strong rather than poisonous is cool to me.

bulldog ant
tasmanian devil
tasmanian tiger
bird of paradise
lyre bird

ok i cheated with the extinct animals. But they should count too to me
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User Info: Weuxtron

4 years ago#73
My #1 most wanted Pokemon is a Tarsier Pokemon. Bonus points if it's called Tarseye.

User Info: 12345_pwned

4 years ago#74
Jesus lizard would be cool. The one that runs on water. And a tarsier. And has a koala been used yet?
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User Info: shadowysea07

4 years ago#75
pfft sandshrew is an armadillo. as for cyndaquil it and the evolutions more resemble a mongoose/farret than a porcupine.

and anyone who thinks a psyduck is not a duck is really just not an intelligent person at all. nothing about psyduck resembles a platypus and everyone knows golduck is based on kappa.
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User Info: FenriLoki

4 years ago#76
shadowysea07 posted...
pfft sandshrew is an armadillo.

...You are aware of what an armadillo looks like, right? Do you see a shell on sandshrew? I see stylized scales (Pangolin exclusive [as far as mammals are concerned]), but no shell.
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User Info: FryDays5000

4 years ago#77
Winglerfish posted...
So. Many. Animals.

Mandrill (Electric/Dark could be cool)
Peregrine Falcon (Maybe a Fighting/Flying? The speed aspect reminds me of Hitmonchan's pokedex entrees)
Tiger (Dark/Fire? Electric/Fire?)
Bombardier Beetle (that learns explode, natch.)
Bottlenose Dolphin
Ermine (Kamaitachi are cool and all, but I want a weasel pokemon that looks like a weasel)
Magpie (Maybe a Murkrow pre-evo?)
Tasmanian Tiger (Could be a cool fossil pokemon)
Albatross (Full Flying. They can fly for days on end without rest)
King Vulture (Fairy/Dark? They're very colorful as far as scavengers go)

Chimchar's evos
Kangaskan(I know it looks too reptilian to be one but get used to it)
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User Info: Tennyson500

4 years ago#78
squirrel_boy posted...
Am i really the only one to see that he said orgasm instead of organism?

I saw that too lol

User Info: sonic_man00

4 years ago#79

'Nuff said.
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User Info: Lapras24

4 years ago#80
Doctor_Spanky posted...
Whip scorpion or vinegaroon (kinda obscure)
Peacock (Ho-Oh?)
Killer whale
Mule or donkey

Uhh that's what I got

Kyorge is an Orca/Killer Whale...
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