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Create the ultimate legendary pokemon!

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User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#21
Arne83 posted...
It already exists....

Name: Megadoof
Type: All of them.
Ability: Destroyer of worlds

Base Stats
HP - 9999
Atk - 9999
Def - 9999
Sp. Atk - 9999
Sp. Def - 9999
Speed - 9992

Dex: Its appearance marks the beginning of the end of days. It is meaningless to fight it, for you shall only delay the inevitable.

This so much...
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User Info: pokemonzero

4 years ago#22
Type Normal
Hidden ability Imposter+
Imposter+ Copies your opponents stats except Hp +1 and copies the opponent's item and 10 PP of every move
HP 400
Attack 5
Defence 90
Sp Attack 5
Sp Defense 90
Speed 10
Transform+ See Imposter+
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User Info: TriForceOmelet

4 years ago#23
Name: Balanchsee
Type: Fairy/Dark
Ability: Divine Balance (applies a x3 resistance to all attacks after being hit once super effectively)

Base Stats
HP - 200
Atk - 170
Def - 120
Sp. Atk - 170
Sp. Def - 200
Speed - 135

Dex Entree: A Pokemon who's very existence can be questioned. It is described in ancient ruins as not having a solid form, but instead a divine power capable of giving and taking life. Legend says that, when taking on a physical shape, it prefers a splendid golden condor.

If defeated in a battle...

Name: Balanchsee- Divine Form
Type: ??? (as in curse)
Ability: Divine Imbalance (immune to damage and status effects, reflects moves)

Base Stats
HP - 1
Atk - 1
Def- 1
Sp. Atk - 1
Sp. Def - 1
Speed- 1

Signature move: Divine Energy (??? Type) - OHKO 100% Accuracy (Ignores Abilities)

Dex. Entree: The ultimate Pokemon. Indestructible, it is a godly force with no physical shape. It's existence questionable, it is said to emerge from the carcass of a Balanchsee.

The Ultimate Pokemon.
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User Info: MHCT

4 years ago#24
pyrotempestwing posted...
JustSnilloc posted...
Name: Umbra
Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Wonderguard

Base Stats
HP - 1
Atk - 225
Def - 1
Sp. Atk - 225
Sp. Def - 1
Speed - 225

Dex Entree: A vengeful spirit composed entirely of darkness, it always appears as a blackened silhouette of its foe.

**Notes: The only way to defeat it is to burn/poison/weather/entree hazard, catching it would prove to be extremely difficult

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User Info: Lycanvore

4 years ago#25
Trying not to be too ridiculous:

Name: Makolodon
Type: Water/Flying
Species: Flying Shark Pokemon
Ability: Drizzle

Base Stats:
HP: 105
ATT: 105
DEF: 100
SPATT: 160
SPDEF: 100
SPEED: 110

Dex Entry: Highly aggressive and dangerous, it will attack and devour people and pokemon it comes in contact with in the water or in the sky.

It will have access to Water Spout, Hydro Pump, Hurricane, and Thunder, which is devastating with its ability.

User Info: Aysander

4 years ago#26
Name: Valforce
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Species: the Doom Knight
Ability: Doom Snare (Changes it's signature move to match one of the opponent's weakness types)

Base Stats:
HP: 120
ATT: 120
DEF: 120
SPATT: 120
SPDEF: 120
SPEED: 120

Dex Entry: A dragonic knight sealed in an ancient tomb, it's powers are said to be nearly perfect in all ways, bringing to question how it was sealed in the first place. It's signature move, Gaea Break, is said to strike all who would oppose it in their very core.

Gaea Break:
120 BP
100 Acc
Typing: ??? (Gets STAB as if a Dragon-typed move)
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