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Swirlix depreciation topic

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User Info: CherryTangerine

4 years ago#31
Yeah, I think basing Pokemon on food is stupid. It would be fine if they just took inspiration from some attribute of food, like: cotton candy fluff --> fluffy coat of fur Pokemon. They don't do that, though. They make a Pokemon look like actual ice cream in a cone.

User Info: BillyThePriest

4 years ago#32
iKhanic posted...
ElementalistZX posted...
iKhanic posted...
Meta289 posted...
You realize that, if it wasn't for the Pokedex title, nobody would have figured that it was cotton candy at first glance. It's a ball of fluff. It could be anything.

It's still ugly, but yes I know that. Being food changes everything. When someone told me jigglypuff was pudding, I hated it for a while until I checked bulbapedia and found out it wasnt.

... What.

I don't like the idea of food in edible form being presented as a living creature. To me it's disturbing.

Sounds like a personal problem.

User Info: BrightStar7

4 years ago#33
Yeah this thing is my least favourite gen 6 mon along with Skrelp. Although the latter has potential for a good evo. Swirlix is trying so hard to be cute but failing miserably. Its ugly.
BANZAI Xerneas-sama!!! >_<
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