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What's the new character limit for character names?

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User Info: jimrichards

4 years ago#11
Move names have increased as well, to 16, as evidenced by Parabolic Charge. However, I don't think there's any conclusive evicence as to character names as yet. It is worth noting that the seven character limit has been broken by numerous NPCs, such as Shauntal and, as recently announced, Professor Sycamore.
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

4 years ago#12
I am actually surprised that people who keep citing minor game changes as "huge innovations" to the series never mention the increased name limit. While it doesn't affect gameplay at all, it's one of the things that I'm most excited for.
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User Info: Bountyan

4 years ago#13
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#14
Bountyan posted...

FuneralCake posted...
That's just for Pokemon names, though. We don't know about the characters.
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User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#15
Sooo, what about Feraligatr then? :P
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User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#16
Is the character limit for actual names or you mean Pokémon nicknames?

If you mean actual trainer names, I can use my full name now.

If you mean Pokémon nicknames I don't give a rattata's ass as the only Pokémon I ever nicknamed was Mrs. Mime.... because she's female... and shiny.
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