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Team Flares Motive

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User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#11
Naridar posted...
Team Flare?

I think some people just-

*takes off sunglasses*

-want to watch the world burn.


Joke or not, Yveltal is lord of Destruction......
Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner.
Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.

User Info: MyNameIsNotJen

4 years ago#12
To buy new outfits, so everytime you meet them they will always wear different ones!
I would lol so hard if this was the case.
Yeah in the club it's getting ugly I don't care can't nobody stop the fire let 'em haters sit and stare

User Info: BurningFlareX

4 years ago#13
To collect money for me, because I'm secretly their boss.
I hate everything.

User Info: Funman321

4 years ago#14
Arne83 posted...
Drugs... all the drugs.

Their main goal is to throw the biggest coke party in history.

Yes, and our brave heroes were not invited, and that **** don't fly.

Make it happen gamefreak
Introduce a little anarchy....
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