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What Pokemon types would you be?

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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#61
Electric because I'm constantly using technology (video games and internet mainly)

Aaaand...Normal, I guess. I'm pretty mediocre :P

Yay, I'm Helioptile ^_^
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User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#62
I guess Dark/Fairy.

Dark isn't for the usual reasons of being mischievous or underhanded, though; I'm actually a pretty straightforward and honorable person. So why am I not a Fighting-type? Because even though I don't want to cheat, I'd much rather succeed in an unexpected and unconventional way than with a more orthodox tactic; for example, rather than defeating a boss in a game with a show of force, I'd prefer to lure it over a trapdoor and flip the switch. There's also the "dark" aspect of Dark-type: I prefer to wear darker colors in general, stay in the shade when it's sunny out, only go outside on cloudy days, etc. Arguably, Ghost-type might be a better fit, as there does seem to be a lot of overlap (and Ghost is probably my favorite type), but there are two reasons why I think Dark fits me better. First, Ghost seems more distinctly "special"; you could make a case for an ordinary person to be a Dark-type pretty easily, but it'd be much harder to justify calling them a Ghost. And second, I'm terrified of bugs, and Ghost resists Bug while Dark is weak to it.

As for Fairy... this one is kinda weird. It's mostly because Fairy is a type that's only now being added to the game; it reminds me that for the longest time, I was confused about myself and what I was going to grow up to be. But then one day I learned the truth, and suddenly everything made sense. When I think of those Pokemon retconned into being Fairy-types, I wonder if they might have had that same moment of realization, knowing what they really are only after so long into their lives. Also, because I really, really, really, really don't like dragons.
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User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

4 years ago#63

I love me some dragons, and use them in any game it's possible for me to. To me, a dragon is a symbol of power, skill, and just plain being awesome, all of which are desirable traits. Typically, a dragon is considered to prefer heat over cold, something that can be said of me as well. Often, when a dragon is given speech, they give off an air of superiority, believing theirself to be the best of the best, above anything else. I can admit that I often think similarly, causing me to act very immature, stubborn, and big-headed at times. :P

Looking at all the Fighting attacks, most are physical attacks that don't cause Status conditions or lower stats (emphasis on "most"). I believe this fits me since I prefer attacking with my own strength, head-on with my opponent, rather than from a distance or by trying to disable them. I pick the sword over the staff, try to with with large damaging attacks in card games such as Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic, and find myself frustrated with anything else. Also, a few "sword" Pokemon are Fighting types (Gallade and the musketeers) and I rather like swords, I even own a couple.
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