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What is your favorite Pokemon for each type?

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User Info: GoGoat

4 years ago#11
Normal: Snorlax
Fire: Typhlosion
Grass: Snivy
Fighting: Conkeldurr
Electric: Ampharos
Water: Marshtomp
Steel: Magnezone
Bug: Heracross
Ghost: Chandelure
Dark: Weavile
Ice: Kyurem
Dragon: Zekrom
Ground: Golurk
Psychic: Espeon
Flying: Salamence
Rock: Aggron
Poison: Nidoking
Fairy: Gardevoir
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User Info: 91UKGamer

4 years ago#12
Normal - Snorlax
Fire - Charizard
Grass - Ludicolo
Fighting - Pangoro
Electric - Plusle/Minun
Water - Sharpedo
Steel - Bisharp
Bug - Scyther
Ghost - Golurk
Dark - Mightyena
Ice - Jynx
Dragon - Hydreigon
Ground - Goundon or if legendaries aren't allowed, Nidoqueen
Psychic - Gardevoir
Flying - Talonflame
Rock - Sudowoodo
Poison - Muk
Fairy - Jigglypuff (if Clefairy is not going to be a Fairy type)
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User Info: DreadmasterXD

4 years ago#13
Normal: Kangaskhan
Fire: Ninetales
Grass: Sceptile
Fighting: Lucario
Electric: Galvantula
Water: Vaporeon
Steel: Excadrill
Bug: Scisor
Ghost: Gengar
Dark: Drapion
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Hydreigon
Ground: Gliscor
Psychic: Gardevoir
Flying: Crobat
Rock: Rampardos
Poison: Toxicroak
Fairy: Sylveon
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User Info: gwithy16

4 years ago#14
Normal: Clefable
Fire: Arcanine
Grass: Breloom
Fighting: Hitmonchan
Electric: Lanturn
Water: Squirtle
Steel: Lucario
Bug: Armaldo
Ghost: Dusknoir
Dark: Absol
Ice: Lapras
Dragon: Dragonite
Ground: Sandslash
Psychic: Gallade
Flying: Braviary
Rock: Kabutops
Poison: Toxicroak
Fairy: Flabebe
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User Info: pyro1022mega

4 years ago#15
Normal: Eevee
Fire: Ninetales
Grass: Breloom
Fighting: Hitmonchan
Electric: Minun
Water: Tentacruel
Steel: Aggron
Bug: Scyther
Ghost: Haunter
Dark: Houndoom
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Garchomp
Ground: Rhydon
Psychic: Chimecho
Flying: Swellow
Rock: Archeops
Poison: Arbok
Fairy: Not sure yet. I'll have to see who they change over first.
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User Info: xyzlactic

4 years ago#16
Type list:

Normal- Porygon2
Fire- Chandelure
Grass- Serperior
Fighting- Sawk
Electric- Rotom
Water- Jellicent
Steel- Klinklank
Bug- Volcarona
Ghost- Cofagrigus
Dark- Spiritomb
Ice- Articuno
Dragon- Giratina
Ground- Golurk
Psychic- Sigilyph
Flying- Drifblim
Rock- Sudowoodo
Poison- Garbodor
Fairy- Mismagius
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User Info: legitgamer405

4 years ago#17
Normal- Arceus
Fire- Arceus-Fire
Grass- Arceus-Grass
Fighting- Arceus-Fighting
Electric- Arceus-Electric
Water- Arceus-Water
Steel- Arceus-Steel
Bug- Arceus-Bug
Ghost- Arceus-Ghost
Dark- Arceus-Dark
Ice- Arceus-Ice
Dragon- Arceus-Dragon
Ground- Arceus-Ground
Psychic- Arceus-Psychic
Flying- Arceus-Flying
Rock- Arceus-Rock
Poison- Arceus-Poison
Fairy- Arceus-Fairy

Arceus is my favorite Pokemon... And I like way too much Pokemon so I couldn't decide.
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User Info: skrelpme

4 years ago#18
Normal: Dunsparce
Fire: Magcargo
Grass: Abomasnow
Fighting: Primeape
Electric: Manectric
Water: Qwilfish
Steel: Steelix
Bug: Ariados
Ghost: Froslass
Dark: Honckrow
Ice: Delibird!!!!!!!!!
Dragon: Kingdra
Ground: Sandslash
Psychic: Hypno
Flying: Aerodactyl
Rock: Rhydon
Poison: Muk
Fairy: Swirlx

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#19
Normal - Porygon
Fire - Lampent
Grass - Lileep
Fighting - Breloom
Electric- Electrode
Water - Milotic
Steel - Registeel
Bug - Volcarona
Ghost - Cofagrigus
Dark - Spiritomb
Ice - Cloyster
Dragon - Hydreigon
Ground - Golurk
Psychic - Claydol
Flying - Skarmory
Rock - Regirock
Poison - Qwilfish
Fairy - Spritzee

User Info: DrakoVongola1

4 years ago#20
Normal: Eevee
Fire: Blaziken
Grass: Venusaur
Fighting: Lucario
Electrc: Zapdos (Jolteon if legedaries don't count)
Water: Vaporeon
Steel: Steelix
Bug: Scyther
Ghost: Haunter
Dark: Houndoom
Ice: Articuno (Glaceon if legends don't count)
Dragon: Salamence
Ground: Groudon (Sandslash if legends don't count)
Psychic: Mewtwo (Alakazam if legends don't count)
Flying: Staraptor
Rock: Aggron
Poison: Arbok
Fairy: Xerneas (Sylveon if legends don't count)
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