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What is your favorite Pokemon for each type?

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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#71
Normal Snorlax
Fire Arcanine
Grass Serperior
Fighting Meinshao
Electric Thundurus
Water Kingdra
Steel Cobalion
Bug Volcarona
Ghost Banette
Dark Absol
Ice Walrein
Dragon Haxorus
Ground Golurk
Psychic Gallade
Flying Tropius
Rock Archeops
Poison Toxicroak
Fairy Sylveon
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#72
Normal - Porygon
Fire - Flareon
Grass - Cradily
Fighting - Throh
Electric - Raichu
Water - Wartortle
Steel - Durant
Bug - Can't decide between Yanma & Mothim
Ghost - Froslass
Dark - That new Psychic/dark penguing medusa thing
Ice - Sneasel
Dragon - Dragonair
Ground - Nidoqueen
Psychic - Espeon
Flying - Farfetch'd
Rock - Omastar
Poison - Toxicroak
Fairy - Wigglytuff
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User Info: thechaoticclown

4 years ago#73
Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Magmortar
Grass: Leafeon
Fighting: Gallade
Electric: Raikou, or Electivire if we don't count legendaries
Water: Kingdra
Steel: Dialga, or Bisharp if we don't count legendaries
Bug: Genesect, or Yanmega if we don't count legendaries.
Ghost: Dusknoir
Dark: Hydreigon
Ice: Weavile
Dragon: Haxorus
Ground: Steelix
Psychic: Gardevoir
Flying: Salamence
Rock: Tyranitar
Poison: Crobat
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User Info: CherryTangerine

4 years ago#74
Normal: Eevee
Fire: Ninetales
Grass: Whimsicott
Fighting: Mienshao
Electric: Ampharos
Water: Kingdra
Steel: Mawile
Bug: Volcarona
Ghost: Sableye
Dark: Absol
Ice: Weavile
Dragon: Altaria
Ground: Sandslash
Psychic: Espeon
Flying: Ho-oh
Rock: I don't like any rock types :I
Poison: Venusaur
Fairy: Spritzee (for now)

User Info: james009223

4 years ago#75

User Info: FinalFantazyv2

4 years ago#76
Type list:

Normal tauros runner up eevee
Fire reshiram runner up typhlosion
Grass venusaur runner up leafeon
Fighting virizion runner up gallade
Electric zekrom runner up eelektross
Water suicune runner up gyrados
Steel dialga runner up metagross
Bug scizor runner up volcarona
Ghost chandelure runner up spiritomb
Dark Absol runner up houndoom
Ice articuno runner up froslass
Dragon hydreigon. runner up latios
Ground landorus therion form
Psychic Espeon runner up mewtwo
Flying charizard runner up lugia
Rock affront runner up tyranitar
Poison skuntank runner up toxicroak
Fairy xerneas runner up sylveon
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User Info: PKMNgamer27

4 years ago#77
Normal - Snorlax
Fire - Infernape (Arcanine is close second)
Grass - Chespin
Fighting - Pangoro
Electric - Mow Rotom
Water - Seismitoad (flame shield ready)
Steel - Metagross
Bug - Heracross
Ghost - Gengar
Dark - Scraggy
Ice - Lapras
Dragon - Rayquaza
Ground - Flygon
Psychic - Malamar
Flying - Talonflame
Rock - Rhydon
Poison - Nidoking
Fairy - Xerneas (for now...)

Overall Favorite- Probably gonna go with Gengar

User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#78
EternalNether posted...
Because I'm bored.

Rules: List your favorite Pokemon from each type category. You may only list one Pokemon per category. You may use dual-type Pokemon, but you can't use that Pokemon more than once (EX: An electric/bug type can not be listed under both electric and bug). All generations including VI apply. Base it off anything you want. Overall design (color, size, looks). Battle stats. Moves learned. Evolutions. Names. Anything goes.

Type list:

Normal Slaking
Fire Reshiram
Grass the inevitable lettuce Pokemon
Fighting Lucario
Electric Zekrom
Water Milotic
Steel tie between Honedge and Metegross
Bug Genesect
Ghost Giratina
Dark Darkrai
Ice Froslass
Dragon not even going to try, too much competition
Ground Flygon
Psychic Metagross
Flying Braviary
Rock Aggron
Poison Crobat
Fairy Xerneas
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User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#79
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User Info: CrazyChicken2

4 years ago#80
Normal: Skitty
Fire: Ninetales
Grass: Ludicolo
Fighting: Blaziken
Electric: Eelektross
Water: Milotic
Steel: Forretress
Bug: Volcarona
Ghost: Mismagius
Dark: Liepard
Ice: Jynx
Dragon: Hydreigon
Ground: Donphan
Psychic: Musharna
Flying: Togekiss
Rock: Omastar
Poison: Tentacruel
Fairy: Sylveon (so far)
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