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Favorite pokemon of each type

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User Info: MechaKirby

4 years ago#1
Fire: Blaziken
Water: Blastoise
Grass: Roserade
Steel: Metagross
Flying: Swellow
Dragon: Flygon
Psychic: Espeon
Dark: Hydregion
Bug: Scizor
Poison: Seviper
Normal: Snorlax
Rock: Cranidos
Ground: Toterra
Ghost: Gengar
Fighting: Poliwrath
Electric: Luxray
Ice: Glaceon
Fairy: Gardervior
Fossil: Armaldo
Legendary: Zekrom
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#2
Fire: Typhlosion
Grass: Serperior
Water: Kabutops
Fighting: Conkeldur
Flying: yveltal
Poison: Scolipede
Ground: Groudon
Rock: Kabutops
Bug: Scolipede
Ghost: Giratina
Steel: Skarmory
Electric: Electivire
Psychic: Mew
Ice: Weavile
Dragon: Giratina
Dark: Yveltal
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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
4 years ago#3
Fire: Ho-oh
Water: Kyogre
Grass: Ferrothorn
Steel: Steelix
Flying: Aerodactyl
Dragon: Rayquaza
Psychic: Mewtwo
Dark: Tyranitar
Bug: Crustle
Poison: Gengar
Normal: Bouffalant
Rock: Omastar
Ground: Rhyperior
Ghost: Cofagrigus
Fighting: Hitmonlee
Electric: Eelectross
Ice: Kyurem
Fairy: Xerneas (at the moment)
I'm a the Luigi master!
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