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Is there anyone out there who...

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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#11
I didn't until Generation 5 when Tympole was introduced.

Gen 4 was my least favorite in terms of new Pokemon, but even then I didn't actually HATE any designs. Just disliked most of them.

Tympole makes me physically angry to look at it. So yeah, I would say I hate it.

So sorry, I don't apply.
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User Info: Waenos

4 years ago#12
There are some that I dislike, but there is only one that I dislike so much that it immediately pops into my mind. Lickylicky. I mean, ugh. Lickitung was fine, but Lickylicky is just...
Even so, I do not hate it. I just dislike it, a lot.
"Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time."

User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#13
I think there's only 20 or 30 I hate the designs of.
None of them are Vanilla, Rubbish, Garbage, or Swordy The Ghost
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User Info: SpiderLantern

4 years ago#14
Don't hate any, but don't care for some.
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