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How many Pokemon games do you own, and how did you get them?

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User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#21
My cousin gave me pokemon yellow special pikachu edition and made a joke about how "It cost a whole cent more than the normal one". It's going for around 30 bucks on ebay at the moment :D.
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User Info: jamieyello

4 years ago#22
Ruby- bought it used
Pearl- just bought it
Soulsilver- Got 8000 tickets at a chuckie cheeses after finding a broken machine that gave you the jackpot every time
Black- target
Black 2- walked a good 2 miles and back to target.

User Info: Drowsee

4 years ago#23
Red - Gamestop
Yellow - Can't remember
Gold - EB Games
Silver - Game Crazy
Sapphire - Target
Fire Red & Leaf Green - Target
Emerald - Circuit City
Platinum - Target
Black 1 (Japanese Version) - Play Asia
Black 2 (Japanese Version) - Play Asia
Stadium 1 - Can't remember
Stadium 2 - Gamestop
Battle Revolution - Gamestop

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#24
Blue: Bought used from my big brother, for cheap (it came with all of his other Game Boy/Advance games; cost like $10 or something).
Yellow: Bought new (several years after it's release... dunno how).
Gold: Same deal as Blue.
Silver: Christmas present.
Ruby: Same deal as Blue/Gold.
Sapphire: I think my dad bought it for me, but with my allowance? Something like that.
FireRed: Same deal as Blue/Gold/Ruby.
LeafGreen: Same deal as Sapphire, I think.
Emerald: Bought it used years after it's release.
Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team: Bought it myself.
Diamond: Pre-ordered and bought on release day. (x2)
Pearl: Pre-ordered and bought on release day.
Platinum: Pre-ordered and bought on release day.
SoulSilver: Pre-ordered and bought on release day.
Ranger: Bought it myself.
White: Pre-ordered and bought on release day.
White 2: Pre-ordered and bought on release day.

18 total, if we count the duplicate Diamond.
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User Info: rocknroller365

4 years ago#25
Ruby-- first Pokemon game ever, got as a birthday gift
Sapphire-- I admittedly don't remember the circumstances...might have been Christmas present
XD: Gale of Darkness
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire
Blue Rescue Team
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Pokemon Rumble Blast
White 2
X (very soon)

Basically all of these were gifts because the game releases tend to coincide with my birthday. And even when that's not the case, I've gotten them as Christmas presents or as a congratulations for an academic achievement.

User Info: bobstevens23123

4 years ago#26
i stole them

how the **** do u think we got them?
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