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I just found out a teacher in my school district is named Ms. Lucario.

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User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#11
FatReuniclus posted...
I used to call my best friends little brother: "Munchlax"
But that doesn't count does it?

Not Pokémon related, but I always called (and still do) my little cousin Chao.
I once almost painted him blue because he looked and sounded so much like a Chao... my aunt won't let me for whatever reason.
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User Info: zinformant

4 years ago#12
Lucario is a legitimate surname. Here's one.
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User Info: AuraWielder

4 years ago#13
zinformant posted...
Lucario is a legitimate surname. Here's one.

0_o He lives in my state.
I must meet this man.
I am a Christian, and proud of it.
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User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#14
People with that surname must be the luckiest SOBs on the planet.
4e is not D&D, but WoW making a Disguise check.
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#15
I once had a Professor called Mr Lecher. Those were odd times.
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User Info: Accrovideogames

4 years ago#16
My father once knew someone named Yvon Lavallé, it's pronounced the same way as "ils vont l'avaler" but with a mute L in "ils" (orally, we often pronounce the pronouns "il" and "elle" like the letter I and A respectively), which is French for "they will swallow him". Yvon and Lavallé are both common names but when put together, it's just silly. It's so cruel for parents to name their child like that.

I pity those whose first name is Elvis Presley, they're flagrant examples of parents being completely insane on the King of Rock. Seriously, who wants to be called Elvis Presley Smith? I've also seen someone named Talon in a newspaper, that's French for heel, and no it's not even a rarely used name. It's unfortunate that the law on illegal names don't take combinations like Yvon Lavallé into account and that they also only include names that the law makers actually thought of, explaining why Talon was able to fly under the radar.

By the way, did you know that it's strictly illegal for a woman to take the name of her husband where I live? That law was made in 1981 to protect women's rights. In some countries like the United States and Saudi Arabia, it's still common practice for the husband to possess the wife.

I just made a research and found tons of stupid names that were truly given by parents:

Océann Miley (seriously, can't they just have called her Océanne or Miley?)
Masturbin (the word it's based on is spelled the same way in French and English)
Zoe-Babou (wtf?)
O'Mega (you're kidding me, right?)
Lucifée (Lucifer plus Fée, which is French for fairy)

Burger (I hope he won't end up fat)
Ace (for a girl!)
Yoga (stupid as s***, for a girl by the way)
Zealand (poor girl)
Espn (wtf is that?)
Haven'T (Don'T call your boy like that!)
Aero (the chocolate bar or the air?)
Pawk (it sounds like a Pokémon name)
Rysk (do they realize that they're naming babies, not pets?)
I'm French speaking.
23, Male, Quebec

User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#17
Accrovideogames posted...

While still not Pokemon related, here in the U.S., movie and pop stars are notorious for giving their children terrifyingly bad names. Micheal Jackson's kids are named Blanket and Prince. I have heard of movie star kids named Apple, Soda, and Pirate. And most recently, Kanye West named his kid North.
"The most important thing is to never stop questioning." -Albert Einstein.
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