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Does anybody plan on playing X/Y in a language besides English?

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User Info: Accrovideogames

4 years ago#31
I'm French speaking and I will play the game in English for the sole reason that I'm used to the English names. It's honestly f***ed up where I live. We're a French speaking nation situated in North America, as a result we use the NTSC format and all of our games were in English until only recently when even some NTSC games started to offer different language options. It's for this reason that our French dub of the anime uses the English names, unlike France's French dub which uses the French names.

However, there's this new thing that started a few of years ago that allow us to buy French versions of normally untranslated NTSC games. These games are extremely rare, I recall only seeing God of War 3, Pokémon BW and Pokémon B2. These games were only available in English in North America until they decided to take French PAL versions and convert them to NTSC. It's pretty weird because it has the PEGI logo on the box instead of the ESRB, which is very confusing to the uninformed customer. When I first saw one, I was sure that the store was illegally selling PAL games but I realized that they were legitimate NTSC games when I read "for sale in North and South America only" on the back of the box.

Imagine how confusing it is for kids to play the game in French and watch the anime. Why is this Pokémon called Snivy in the anime but Vipélierre in the game? Why is this town called Nuvema in the anime but Renouet in the game? Why is this character named Cilan in the anime but Rachid in the game? The only exception are the attacks but it's kind of obvious that the anime would translate them to French. The localization team should really fix that for the games sold in America.

I don't regret having to play games in a language I didn't understand as a kid because it made me learn English. It was hard to know what to do in text heavy games but it was worth the trouble.
I'm French speaking.
23, Male, Quebec
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