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I don't think kids born post-2004 likes Pokemon.

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User Info: nickwarrior5

4 years ago#81
YourLuck posted...
nickwarrior5 posted...
YourLuck posted...
nickwarrior5 posted...
My brother gave me his pokemon silver, firered, leaf greeen, diamond games. Those games were ok. I liked HG/SS the best, even better than silver. Black/white was the least. Black2/White2 is my 2nd favorite. So I been playing since I was 7. My little cousin now who is 5 years old likes pokemon. So I dont agree with you on that. Bakugan and Digimon didnt last as long as pokemon. Yugioh is still going good but in competition with pokemon. I think what GF needs to make people more interested is:
1: Make good pokemon designs (A pokemon starter in X/Y looks like a frog -_-. Talk about lazy)
2: Get rid of Ev's, Iv's. ( I tried Ev training and its boring. It also makes competitive battling more hard.)
3: For you AR haters, in the old gen's not even a AR could make OP pokemon. (EV's caused the problem, again.)

1. How is a frog more generic than a bird, a mouse, or a rat? Pokemon has generally been based on animals, so GF using animals instead of inanimate objects is a good thing. I think it's safe to say that most would see a bad(?) frog design than a toilet.
2. EVs were never designed for competitive. They were made for the purposes of making each and every pokemon more unique. I didn't know about EV's until Gen IV, maybe III but that was in name only. It's generally the internets or your own fault if you feel that way.
3. AR's did make pokemon op. If a person isn't doing well with OMGWTFBBQ111!!!! legendaries, it's generally them.

1: I agree with apart of what your saying
2: Most people use EV's as competitive battling
3: You can EV train a pokemon till the point its OP.

1. Which part?
2. There was a guy in gen 1 that said a trained pokemon was stronger than a wild pokemon. I thought this was because trained pokemon gain levels and wild pokemon don't. But after learning about ev's, that's what they were going after. Plus, wild pokemon don't gain ev's.
3. There's a limit to ev training pokemon after Gen 2. Also, they weren't called ev's (stat exp) back then, although they basically served the same purpose. There's a formula for it on Bulbapedia.

1: Where you said people pefer a frog than a toilet.
2: Thats true.
3: I know there is a limit.
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