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Ash is in Kalos region and Iris and Cilan are still around

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User Info: kclaujames

4 years ago#31
InhaledCorn posted...
kito-efil posted...
Yeah.... The anime kinda died for me the moment brock left... ._. It realy.... Just yeah.... Plus cilan and iris make abiut as much sense as how ash manages to lose to fricken newbie trainers in the show. ._.

I'm actually kinda happy Brock left. The writers weren't really doing anything with him anymore other than his tired, overused joke and exposition.

But, Iris and Cilan are falling in the same trap of not doing anything. Iris is supposed to be some bad- a** Dragon Master in the game who then goes onto conquer the Elite 4. In the anime, she's annoying, obnoxious, and had a potential arc between her and Dragonite similar to her and Charizard that just fixes itself without any sort of explanation. Cilan is quirky and over-the-top and explains what the heck is going on. In other words, he's exactly like Brock without constantly hitting on girls.

You know there's something wrong with a show when the side characters are more engaging than the main heroes. The heroes are flat as cardboard. Heck, they couldn't let TR's character growth stick, and they're back to being bumbling stalkers out to capture Pikachu and doing otherwise petty crimes.

But, it's okay. It's a kids show. There will always be new suckers born to replace the ones they lost.

But in all honesty, I think Brock has one of the BEST characters and personalities of all the people appearing in the anime. His real purpose in the anime is not to make it more funny with his jokes. He is THE definition of care and compassion - both for Pokemon and people (especially his brothers). That scene in DP Special 2 where he encouraged his brother after his brother had been defeated by Joy was absolutely touching and filled with real emotions. And I am certain that every of his Pokemon is living in paradise because they are so fortunate to have such a caring trainer.

His return, possibly after he has successfully become a Pokemon doctor, will be a great way to introduce positive values back into the anime (which I think it direly needs at the moment).

User Info: Grammar_man

4 years ago#32
Mudkip_in_Space posted...
Grammar_man posted...
Sinnoh's overall plot and such, and Hoenn's overall chemistry= Best season yet.

Unova was a return to the Kanto style, and while that was enjoyably corny(and bad), this happening right after two excellent(for the pokemon anime) sagas.

Essentially every annoying side Iris has? Misty has them as well.

They tried to recapture the charm of Kanto and failed(because a ton of that charm is just pure nostalgia...). That being said, I liked a few things about Unova:

Almost everything about the recurring rivals. They were very enjoyable, espesially while meeting up and interacting. We got actual battles with them every now and then. The fact that all three had them was great, too. In fact, one of the things I'm worrying about is closure on them.

Yes. I'm worried that we saw the last of Trip/Bianca/Stephan. They were enjoyable. Hoenn focused a lot on May, so Morrison and Tyson were thrown in at the League basically.

I hope Burgundy and Georgia go to Kalos if Iris and Cilan do return. May's rivals returned for Battle Frontier.

If Iris leaves, I hope Georgia gets to appear in that episode.

On the other hand Georgia joining Ash for Kalos would be hilarious.

Ash: "Eh!? Why!?"
Georgia: "I've heard that Kalos have fairy-types that would help me bust dragons! I'mma join you!"
Ash: "...Whuh?"

User Info: Adiroth

4 years ago#33
I think Iris needs to leave for a while so that she could return as a cameo in later episodes as a champion. Then she proves that hanging around with Ash makes everybody dumber. She was a prodigy before she met Ash.
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
4 years ago#34
That would be idiotic....
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