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Your first legit level 100 Pokemon.

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User Info: 2roxasandsora

4 years ago#211
Mine with no rare candies was Blaziken in sapphire when I was like... 7-8ish
With rare candies was rayquaza
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User Info: videogames518

4 years ago#212
Charizard - Pokemon Yellow

no rare candies were involved at all. I didn't like lvling up like that. - TFC, PBL, Friend Codes, & more

User Info: zrh5033

4 years ago#213
I've played since gen 1 and with the rare candy glitch my first level 100s were a haunter (always preferred him over gengar) and my venusaur.

My first official 100 was a togekiss. I miss that guy... My Togepi in SS is his replacement. I hope the person who bought my version of pearl traded it to another game and back.
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User Info: Gemininoiser

4 years ago#214
Pelipper in Ruby
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#215
Rayquaza in Emerald. Caught at 70, beat Elite 4 only using it around 15-25 times.
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User Info: legendmusketeer

4 years ago#216
Venusaur in Pokemon Red.

User Info: FTC_BlueStreak

4 years ago#217
Feraligatr in Crystal :P
From then on, the first Pokemon in every new game that always made it to 100 legitimately were ALWAYS starters.
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User Info: km1llz

4 years ago#218
Mewtwo, Pokemon Blue.

Venusaur was my second.

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User Info: GalladetheGreat

4 years ago#219
Close your account, TC.
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User Info: Laocedric16

4 years ago#220
Need I say it?

Lvl 100 Charizard on Pokemon Red.
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