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I just spent the whole week playing R,S,E,FR,LF jpn and it reminded me on stuff.

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User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#1

While I did recall that my least fave generation was III, I couldn't fully remember why that was.

Excluding FR and LG as I thought the updates were done really well. Also liked the few changes that I completely forgot about (I will never remember that I can't give the guards lemonade anymore.)

With Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, there were many things I strongly disliked and things I finally remembered hating (some things I don't have a problem with now, but problems I remember not liking).

The background: how they tried to make it little secrets of putting things behind trees or houses that before you couldn't do in 8-bit. Now, I don't have a problem with it now as I remember them off hand and DO think it was a cool feature, but there were so many that were no real "secret" or puzzle" way too many. As it's like a little child that learn a new trick so they decided to put it everywhere just to say "Hey I know how to do this now! Look!"
I still recall once when I was in school I didn't know I could go under the bike bridge and was stuck in one spot for a while until someone told me I could've went other there.

Fishing: Maybe it was like this in Gen I and Gen II, but I really don't recall it being this much of a problem, or maybe Gen IV and Gen V spoiled me as I haven't touched the older gens all that much in recent years. I didn't like the fact that sometimes I had to yank the rod 6+ times to get a Pokémon to get out of the water.
I'm one that likes fishing games (I really liked Big The Cat in SA1 too), but it was just annoying in the game as it was simply ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . BITING! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BITING! . . . . . BITING! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BITING!"

The Map: I really did not like having to swim half of the time in the game. That was one of my biggest problems with the game. I'm really glad no other gen has done it to this extent again and hope they never will.
Next is diving. I'm not saying diving was horrible, but it didn't do much for the game back then. You only need it essentially 5 times, that's including getting the golems and not really much to explore or rewarding if done otherwise.
One can say that diving implemented can add more to the games later on, but look at Gen IV and Gen V, it looks like it's gotten worse. Dive should just be done away with.

There were a few other problems I had with the game while I've went through them all again, but those were the biggest ones I couldn't deal with.
My question is those on this board, what reasons did you like/hate those games? I see half say they liked them and half say they couldn't stand them and some wanting things implemented in Gen III to be used in Gen VI and onward while others (like me) want the future Gens to stay as far away from what Gen III has done.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#2
Legitimate gripes with gen three. I still liked it, but stuff like this is part of the reason I don't want them remade.

User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#3
Only one I can agree with is Fishing. The problems of the map being mostly water are done away with with Repels and Fly, and I rather enjoying Diving and exploring a whole nother world.
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User Info: kito-efil

4 years ago#4
I liked the surfing at times... just i wish that it could have gone faster having more of a puzzlish aspect to it like on the route 17/18/P2 laboratory with the water currents then maybe it wouldnt have been so bad. I dunno something to make it better...

Also i feel that like in the future when they hit a point when its realy difficult to do Backwards Compatability maybe by the time weve gone through another 2 systems they could release either a console (or i guess wii u is their new whateber you want to call it....) where its one game thing that would be a compilation of all the past gens and it could link up via wifi to the handheld platform and allow for you to get all the past pokemon transfered around. But idk.
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User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#5
I will never ever understand the hate Gen 3 gets.

First off, I believe it is the only complete Gen (granted it takes seven games to get all non event Pokemon and it kind of had to be complete).

I have never thought that the water was negative at all. I quite liked it. Good for grinding and exploration.

The landscape and entire continent was just amazing. Such a diverse amount of areas.

Emerald was a freaking amazing game. Best battle frontier yet, access to both Kyogre and Groudon, and just a ton of post game stuff.

Fishing, I'll admit, wasn't a strong suit of it. The ninja boys in the obviously fake trees are kind of annoying as well.

Searching for Lati@s is real annoying, but it's not anything like Platinum (which is an awesome game in its own right) with 5 freaking roaming legendaries.

Brendan and May sucked as rivals, but at least Wally is somewhat good.

No backwards compatibility was really the only significant flaw I feel it has.

Another thing I'll never understand is "I hope it never gets remade" attitude. Remakes are great ways to eliminate the flaws from that gen. Maybe make the water routes not so monotonous, adding more to the regional dex, and giving it a nicer post game. Sure, even if you don't like it now, why even have that attitude.
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User Info: kito-efil

4 years ago#6
I agree with dark dragons oppinion
Stop teaching kids if you're happy and you know it! ...It hurts timmy the T-rex's feelings when he cant clap like the other kids...

User Info: lordlugia_rocks

4 years ago#7
I really liked Gen 3. Some of it may be nostalgia but I remember getting a dictionary at the time with Brail in it and I remember deciphering the Regi messages on my own and it was just a really neat experience. Then there was the secret bases which was one of the neatest features in any generation. It was just neat having your own little customizable home with the layout being diferent with each secret base.

The pokemon were really cool and as you got a bit further into the game you would find some old Gen 1 pokemon and whatnot like Jigglypuff and lolTentacool (everywhere) but for the most part it was all new pokemon.

I miss the day/night and at the time lack of backwards compatability was DEVASTATING which imo is probably the main reason it gets so much flack. But now that we're in the 5th gen it doesn't really matter as much as it did back then and going back and playing Emerald today is still a really fun experience.
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User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#8
My biggest problem was the fact that there was no upgradable E4, unlike the awesome FR/LG. My Pokemon were stronger than anything else in the game by like level 40. There was that one strong Steel trainer (former champion), but I think I beat all of his Pokemon with just my underleveled Blaziken. No challenge at all. Getting calls from lv. 5 Ratatta boy was pretty annoying too, and of course the fishing.
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#9
FRLG were the first games to have an upgradeable E4 and VS Seeker, so I can forgive RS for not having it especially since they did that in Emerald and make the Poke-device have rebattleable trainers and Gym Leaders with better rosters.

Emerald really was the definitive version. So many improvements, the Frointer, highed leveled Pokemon and trainers, breeding/EV training addtions, side quests, and the cloning glitch.
Currently playing: Pokemon Plat/HG(492/492, 3/4 Star Trainer Card,), Street Fighter 3(Xbox online sparingly)
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