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Why isn't Squirtle a Fire/Fighting type?

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  3. Why isn't Squirtle a Fire/Fighting type?

User Info: NumberXI

4 years ago#11
I larfed. Maybe the Squirtle Squad is before their time TC

User Info: NaitoOkami

4 years ago#12
I applaud this threads humor factor, I got a few good minutes of laughter out of it. Good work iKhanic, good work.

User Info: muffinmasher

4 years ago#13
lol I chuckled.
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User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#14
iKhanic posted...
Cenedarprime posted...
I dunno, why isn't this thread funny, TC?

Because you have a terrible sense of humor

even then it wasn't really that funny
:3 kitty kitty

User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#15
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  3. Why isn't Squirtle a Fire/Fighting type?

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