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Fun theory about Team Flare

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User Info: HikaruYami

4 years ago#21
Socran posted...
Was there a R/S/E remake announced when I wasn't looking or something? What's so bizarre about that statement?

Anyway, this is a pretty neat theory, but I doubt it'll happen. Things fit conveniently together, but if Gamefreak had any plans for that, it would've happened by now. And if they didn't have specific plans for it, they've probably forgotten all about those details. That's just how it goes.

(a) This is not the reason those others objected, I imagine, but it was the worst generation by _far_. It was the only generation I couldn't keep playing for days on end without being bored. Not counting emerald's introduction of the battle factory.

(b) More relevantly, "Skipped"? They had remakes on the advance, they had remakes on the DS, as of generation 5, you could STILL PLAY GENERATION 3 GAMES ON THE SAME HARDWARE AS THE CURRENT GEN.

Why the hell do you think they made remakes in the first place? It was so you could get all the pokemon from their original regions! I wouldn't be surprised if they *never* make gen 3 remakes, because they're redundant, but even if they do, the time to do it would be /after/ this 3DS generation, because it's the first generation of hardware that officially can't also play gen 3 games.

Seriously, people....
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User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#22
I like this theory! Props to the OP

User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#23
Not bad. I still kinda prefer my theory though, where the scattered remnants of Team Rocket regrouped in Kalos and formed a new team around the last boss from Gen 2 with Houndoom for his signature Pokemon.
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