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New Evolutions and Pre- Evolutions

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User Info: hugo-n-kisses

4 years ago#1
So I want your guys opinions of what pokemon you want to see with evolutions or pre evolutions and what they would look like.

Mawile Evolution: some medusa looking pokemon
Tauros and Miltank pre evolution: a calf
Farfetched evolution: some taekwando bird woth two sticks as weapons
Dunsparce evolution: maybe a dragon/normal
Lapras pre evolution: it would be cute
Sawk and Throh pre evolution: just like hitmonchan and hitmonlee
Jynx evolution: maybe it can look like a queen/princess
Mr Mime form: Mrs. Mime!
Sableye evolution: it would be amazing
Tropius prevolution: a little seedling
Chimecho evolution: gain ghost type

I also think Galade should have its own pre evolution since kirlia looks too girly to be male

*please feel free to agree/disagree with me. I want to here everybodys opinions

User Info: Viridipalm_user

4 years ago#2
Throh and Sawk: Need a split evo too.
Overall agree in all but Jynx.
It should be a male jynx
Come at me bro.
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