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Your Reaction: Garbodor evolves, into-

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User Info: Kaizukezu

4 years ago#1

The STINKy DUMPSTer Pokemon. Will be a small dumpster looking Pokemon with garbage arms coming out of the lid and a face that is hidden by the shadow created by the lid.

Becomes Poison/Steel type and will learn moves like: Metal Sound, Heavy Slam, Iron Defense and Iron Head.

Ability will be: Arena Trap, Overcoat, Shell Armor, Stench (Haven't decided yet on this)

Pokedex entry 1:
Each Dumpstink smells uniquely different depending on what garbage it has absorbed. People often mistake it for a real dumpster.

Pokedex entry 2:
It traps small Pokemon inside of its body until they become unconscious from the odor. It then releases the Pokemon and moves on.

To go along with Pokedex entry 1, could have Dumpstink play a role in the games much like a mimic. (Like Voltorb, and Foongus, and other Pokemon of that sort.) Where maybe if you check dumpsters and garbage cans for items, there could be a small chance for a Dumpstink/Garbodor/Trubbish to attack.

Let me know what you think of the idea. I know many people dislike Trubbish/Garbodor, but I just had to get this idea out there.

User Info: rocketgeno

4 years ago#2

User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#3
**** gamefreak
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User Info: Kaizukezu

4 years ago#4
Thought of the idea a few months ago, but didn't go much into detail about the idea until just now.

Small garbage bag, to overflowing big garbage bag, to the next logical choice: a dumpster full of garbage. XD

I especially like the name.

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#5
Garbodor evolves into Grimer.
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User Info: ybro845

4 years ago#6
It's exactly what I want Garbodor to evolve into.
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User Info: Viridipalm_user

4 years ago#7
It evoloves by making it get 0 happiness and fainting it near a dumpter
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User Info: Kaizukezu

4 years ago#8
Viridipalm_user posted...
It evoloves by making it get 0 happiness and fainting it near a dumpter

Ah, this brings up a good point, forgot to mention how it evolves.

Maybe just pull a simple "Level it once near this object in some random area" much like how Leafeon and Glaceon evolve.

Or maybe by using an item like Metal Coat, if I wanted it to be more of a decision of "Use it on an awesome Pokemon like Scizor? Or make myself a Dumpstink instead?"

Or could go the route of having to level a Garbodor once while another Garbodor or Trubbish is in your party.

User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#9
It could be cool. They pulled it off with Muk, and I'd like to see them redeem the Garbodor line. If they manage to make this dumpster Pokemon threatening looking and badass, it could work
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User Info: CloudStrife630

4 years ago#10
RTC3 posted...
**** gamefreak

Lol what's up Pokemon lover? Who's your favorite Fairy Pokemon so far?
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