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How many gen VI pokemon will be in your team?

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User Info: HipsterManPrime

4 years ago#1
My first two runs will have only gen VI pokemon on my team. How about you?

User Info: LegendofDarkrai

4 years ago#2
I Will try to use as many as possible, probably only gen VI pokemon
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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
4 years ago#3
I'll very likely have only gen VI Pokemon with me too the first times I go through the games (unless most of the good new ones turn out to be catchable much later in the game and I already get a pre gen VI one that I really like).
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User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#4
Well, so far Froakie, Swirlix, Orotto and Honedge are all very likely components of my team.

User Info: leonodo

4 years ago#5
ONLY gen 6. Just like I only had gen 1 pokes for gen 1 (duh), gen 2 pokes for gen 2, gen 3 pokes for gen 3, gen 4 pokes for gen 4, gen 5 pokes for gen 5.
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#6
The only ones I've confirmed to be definite for my team are from Generation VI: Chespin, Helioptile, Skrelp, and Noivern. And even then, I'm torn between Litleo and Houndour for one slot, and totally undecided on the final slot.

User Info: Magmasta

4 years ago#7
All the same gen pokes. Did this for all the gens excluding gen two because the variety was so bad.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#8
6+. Older Pokémon are for replays/post-game.

User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#9
As many as I can fit in and still have a balanced team.
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User Info: DMZapp

4 years ago#10
At least 3 at a time on the team for now: Froakie completely unevolved, Lilteo evolved once, and Noivern, who I guess is the final evolution of a Pokemon. Yveltal would be in on rotation.
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