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If there are fairies now.......

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User Info: Accrovideogames

4 years ago#11
ashcrv posted...
Ok fine. Nobody wants a troll pokemon. I get it.

Actually, I do. I once made a topic about different kinds of Fairy Pokémon I'd like to see and one of them was a troll.

Evolutionary Line: Goblin > Orc > Troll
Type: Fairy/Dark
Ability: Avarice - Steals Pokédollars equal to the damage done from attacks that make contact with the opponent. Only works against trainers who give prize money.
Pseudo-Signature Moves: Pay Day, Thief and Snatch

There's a level 50 Troll Pokémon blocking passage on a bridge early in the game (before the second badge). Talking to it brings up his cry in a text box followed by three options: Pay ¥1000, Fight and Turn Back. The only way to cross the bridge is to pay and you're asked to do so each time you want to cross it, even if you just did a second ago (it blocks the way again as soon as you go past it). Crossing the bridge is mandatory to progress in the game. To ensure that the player doesn't get permanently stuck after beating all available trainers and spending all the money, there's a forest right before the bridge in which you can pick up random items that respawn everyday. If you decide to fight it, you can't capture it (it will block your Poké Ball, this is to avoid being lucky and getting a high level Pokémon early) but you can run away from it (it doesn't always work though). Once defeated, it will forever disappear and never bother you again.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#12
INUSEINUSE posted...
I want a gf

GB2 4Chan
My way is the high way. You'd have to be lactose intolerant to not learn to love it.
Ha! Cheese puns.
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