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Favorite Gen (Game, Pokemon, ect)

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User Info: Master_Albert

4 years ago#11
um u kind of hav ur gen system wrong, here is how it should be:

gen 1 - rby
gen 2 - gsc
gen 3 - rse
gen 4 - fr/lg
gen 5 - dpp
gen 6- hg/ss
gen 7 - bw
gen 8 - bw2
gen 9 - xy

anyways my favorit is gen 8, it is the most bestest
gen 8 is the best gen so far

User Info: Megabest39

4 years ago#12
Thaxagoodname posted...
Sinnoh is winning?!? *single tear drips down face*

That's actually the first game that got me back into pokemon since Gen 3 came out.
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User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#13
Damn; I played the Gen IV games the most, but more of my favorites came from Gen III, and Gen V was the most fun while I was actually playing it...
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