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Favorite pokemon per type.

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User Info: hodelino

4 years ago#41
Bug: Heracross
Dark: Umbreon
Dragon: Latias
Electric: Pikachu
Fighting: Lucario
Fire: Blaziken
Flying: Togekiss
Ghost: Gengar
Grass: Venusaur
Ice: Froslass
Normal: Staraptor
Poison: Roserade
Psychic: Alakazam
Rock: Gigalith (I hate Rock but it has a good design)
Steel: Empoleon
Water: Starmie
Fighting games needs more Pikachu!

User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#42
Bug: Volcarona (with Scolipede 2nd)
Dark: Yveltal (with Umbreon 2nd, but no dark type is really my favorite (as of yet))
Dragon: Kingdra (with Flygon 2nd)
Electric: Electross
Fairy: Swirlix
Fighting: Breloom
Fire: Torkoal/Arcanine/Ninetales (can't decide, really)
Flying: Sigilyph
Ghost: Chandelure (Froslass is 2nd)
Grass: Whimsicott
Ground: Sandslash
Ice: Lapras
Normal: Kanghaskhan (but actually I don't really have a favorite normal type as of yet, but I like her the most I guess)
Poison: Arbok
Psychic: Exeggcutor
Rock: Onix
Steel: Skarmory (not really favorite as I don't really have that many steel type favorites)
Water: Starmie

Overall: Sandslash (Whimsicott 2nd)

The list will need a huge overhaul if Whimsicott is made fairy-type (Why fairy type? Because ELFun is based on a fairy)
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