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Another unoriginal topic: Your favorite Pokemon region and why

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User Info: MasterCyndaquil

4 years ago#1
-warning: huge paragraphs ahead-

My favorite regions are Johto and Hoenn. I really liked Johto because to me I felt that it took Kanto and added a lot more on (literally... you can TRAVEL to Kanto) and I loved the legendaries a LOT, as well as the towns, the rival (Silver is the best rival, Hugh from Unova not far behind), and the music. Team Rocket was also back, and i loved their battle against a grunt theme. The game had awesome new gym leaders as well as Kanto's awesome gym leaders, and Red is amazing. I love the different areas to explore, like Mt. Silver, I loved the Ice Path/Dark Cave theme. Just, I love Johto.

Hoenn is also amazing because it was just BIG. SOOO big. SO many different areas to explore. And frankly I loved the water routes. This region was tropical-like and I loved it. Again, I loved the legendaries, and for the first time we had two "bad guy" teams. I liked Team Aqua and Team Magma personally. The music in this game was beautiful. Just stunning. One can not simply hate Verdanturf Town's theme, Sootopolis' theme, or the route music after Fortree City. Speaking of Fortree City, I LOVED the towns in this game as well. A freaking treehouse city. A city floating on water. A city inside of an aquatic volcano. It was the first region to get an epic Elite 4 theme. Steven was an awesome champion (Wallace was just okay). Also, the Battle Frontier in Emerald is perhaps one of my favorite things ever in a postPokemon-game. I could go on and on 'cause now I feel like I'm rambling lol.

But long story short, Johto and Hoenn are the best IMHO. Period.

What's your's and why?

(Now watch as somebody on this board flames me.)
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#2
We just had one of these last night...
Rotom Fan With an Air Balloon
YO DOG i heard you like yo Rotom's High. So i gave it a balloon so it can be fly while he high while he way up in the sky! Dog!
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