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Steel is going to be next gen's broken type. Calling it now.

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User Info: raazychx

4 years ago#1
-- Resists a ridiculous number of types already
-- Immune to sandstorm, and in general, hail, since they have leftovers anyway; the only other mon that currently induces hail naturally is Abomasnow, and it's weak to steel anyway
-- Immune to toxic
-- Most steel-typed mons have high defense stats
-- Going to be super effective against Fairy, which will likely be a primary type of the next gen, at least in-game, don't know about competitive yet

I'm just thinking out loud, but I really hate the steel type. Most mons I encounter for the battle simulators are either weather-controlling mons, stealthrocking/spiking mons, or some mon that's a steel half-breed... Rarely anything else...

I just blindly hate the steel type at the moment, so I might be rather biased, but the way things are looking, I think dragons are going to become nerfed further, and I think steel types are going to rule in the metagame. Seeing that the Fairy type will be in play now, poisons will (initially) be more common, until Steel counters.

These things could change, but... I dunno...

User Info: Montymole11

4 years ago#2
Slightly broken but...
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User Info: DweezleMoonunit

4 years ago#3
Nope, Water.
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#4
Fighting is a heavily used type and I feel fire usage will rise too since it supposedly resist fairy.
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  3. Steel is going to be next gen's broken type. Calling it now.

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