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Do pokemon get older?

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User Info: nightblade_hawk

4 years ago#21
Theres Pokemon Tower which is a Graveyard for Pokemon. So yeah Pokemon can die of old Age. An interesting Rumor is that Blue buried his Raticate there after one of your Mon injured it so much it died on the SS Anne.

User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#22
I distinctly remember that the episode in which Ash caught his Treecko showed an elderly Treeko among a tribe of them. It was sort of hilarious how ancient they made it look.

... And I just remembered Tracy's Scyther, the age of which was a relevant plot point in some episodes I believe.
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User Info: dafunkaybuddha

4 years ago#23
javel34 posted...
dafunkaybuddha posted...
The better question would be how you actually kill a pokemon. They take hundreds of high power hits of various elements and survive perfectly fine.

It happens in the comics at least once lol.

Hopefully they don't add it into the games. Though I suppose it could make the game interesting. Perhaps, a highly used pokemon could die, forcing you to breed offspring from it or switch it out more.

User Info: xXFlam1ng_N1nJa

4 years ago#24
Anyone remember the psychic Ninetails from the anime? Pretty sure it was over 90 years old. Could be way off, but it was really old. So old that it developed psychic abilities.
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