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what pokemon do you feel like needs some love?

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User Info: PkmnMaster93

4 years ago#61

I feel that it was a neat idea of a pokemon, but I haven't seen any outside of gen 3.
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User Info: senttooblivian

4 years ago#62
Castform :(
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User Info: Yoshi_Scaper

4 years ago#63
Everyone likes Mudkip, but why not Swampert?
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User Info: ErroneousNick

4 years ago#64

User Info: BasilVZero

4 years ago#65
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User Info: Sludge_System

4 years ago#66
How soon is now?
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User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#67
Wheezing. Really never used, but a poison type with levitate isn't a bad thing. It also has a really unique design that could warrant an evolution.

User Info: plasmawisp1713

4 years ago#68
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User Info: ajko000

4 years ago#69
Parasect, he's a boss.

User Info: RyanDaRaikou

4 years ago#70
octillery (i dont even know if that is spelled correctly)
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