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which non-legendary pokemon are your favorite

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User Info: NovaWingz

3 years ago#1
mine are septile, bisharps cause of his cool design, and luxray cause its the most badas* electric type ever
not changing this till capcom revives megaman.(megaman star force 4)

User Info: yoshirulezz

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

3 years ago#3
V Down there.
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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#4
And Scizor.
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User Info: CherryTangerine

3 years ago#5
Whimsicott, Ninetales, Mawile, Sableye.


3 years ago#6
See my sig ^_^
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User Info: ridleyslayer23

3 years ago#7
Why does Ganon have no friends?
It's because he's such a boar.

User Info: Hughs_Rage

3 years ago#8
Qwilfish My husbando <3

User Info: AlI_About_The_U

3 years ago#9

User Info: JacK_1S_BK

3 years ago#10
Wow, how much more effort does it take to just spell the name of the Pokemon instead of directing attention to a signature. Nobody cares you're the official whatever.

Scrafty is my favourite.
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