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Before entering this topic, think of a character from a non-Pokemon video game.

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User Info: peteyboo

4 years ago#11
Captain Falcon

Type: Fire/Fighting

Ability 1: Big Pecks
Ability 2: Iron Fist
Hidden Ability: Sheer Force or No Guard. I dunno

Base stats:
HP: 90
ATK: 150
DEF: 70
SPD: 150
BST: 600

Some moves:
Fire Punch
Blaze Kick
Seismic Toss
Mega Punch
Mega Kick
Mach Punch
Close Combat
Attract (works regardless of gender, just because)
Bullet Punch

And of course signature moves
Falcon Punch (2-turn attack, 150 BP, guaranteed burn)
Falcon Kick (Fire-type Earthquake)
Falcon Dive (Fire-type Sky Drop)
The Knee (Electric type, 30% chance of flinching and 10% chance of paralyzing, 90 power, 95% accuracy)
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User Info: Soul_of_Yveltal

4 years ago#12
andrewx72 posted...
1. Justified
2. Moxie
3. Marvel Scale

Sample moves:
Leaf Blade
Perish Song
Scary Face
Secret Sword
Sacred Sword
Thunder Wave
Night Slash
Light Screen

His type could be fighting/fairy.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#13
Ability:I guess justified
Horn attack (Not what you think)
Jump Kick
Hi Jump kick
Calm mind
Shadow force
A few others.
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User Info: hotrodneptune32

4 years ago#14
Type: Dark/Fighting
Lvl 1:Slash
Lvl 11: Psycho Cut
Lvl 22: Night Slash
Lvl 33: Close Combat
Lvl 44: Aura Sphere
Lvl 55: Recover
Lvl 66: Dark Pulse
Lvl 77: Super Nova (Original move :P)
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#15
Serious Xenoblade Spoilers:

Type: Fighting/Ghost
Ability: No Guard
- Recycle
- Slash
Lvl 5. Swords Dance
Lvl 8. Retaliate
Lvl 11. Future Sight
Lvl 15. Light Screen
Lvl 20. Agility
Lvl 25. Outrage
Lvl 30. Helping Hand
Lvl 35. Disable
Lvl 40. Sacred Sword
Lvl 45. Revenge
Lvl 55. Return
Lvl 55. Attract
Lvl 65. Curse
Lvl 65. Rest
Lvl 80. Judgement
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User Info: animesonicx

4 years ago#16
Meta Knight

ability 1: Battle armor
ability 2: Hero
Hidden ability: justified

Shadow blitz: level 1
Glare: level 4
Cut: level 8
Vacuum wave: level 10
Mach punch: level 17
Iron defense: level 24
Air slash: level 30
psycho cut: level 37
leaf blade: level 37
Shadow Force: level 47
Secret sword: 52
Doom desire: level 70
Mach tornado (150 special attack, one turn recoil, may paralyze): level 99
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#17
KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

Steel (mono)

Ability - Inner Focus

Lv 1 - Feint
Lv 8 - Foresight
Lv 12 - Counter
Lv 15 - Double Kick
Lv 19 - Bullet Punch
Lv 22 - Slam
Lv 25 - Focus Energy
Lv 28 - Mirror Shot
Lv 32 - Slash
Lv 37 - Iron Defense
Lv 42 - Metal Burst
Lv 46 - Night Slash
Lv 50 - X-Scissor
Lv 55 - Swords Dance
Lv 62 - Guillotine
Lv 72 - Hyper Beam

Based it mostly on R-BLADE and F-SCYTHE for a lot of the slash/blade-based skills, with anything beam/special based for X-BUSTER, and Hyper Beam being akin to that of D-TENERITAS. Given her specialties tend to focus on heavy offense with a lot of bulk, I felt she should have skills that should reflect that.
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  3. Before entering this topic, think of a character from a non-Pokemon video game.

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