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When did you start playing pokemon?

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User Info: kclaujames

4 years ago#21
I started playing in the early 2000s when I visited my cousin in the US. Pokemon Green was the first Pokemon I have ever played. However, the ironic thing is that the game belonged to me all along and it was my COUSIN who introduced the game to me. What happened was that there was this pirated cartridge on sale in my country which has more than 10 games in it (unbelievable at that time). When you start the Gameboy a "selection" screen loads instead of the games themselves. When I played I have always focused on "easier" games (e.g. Tetris) and Pokemon was apparently too difficult to understand for me. And when I saw the words "Red", "Blue", "Green" and "Yellow" I thought they were just spin-offs of the same game (I was correct). It was not until I let my cousin play my Gameboy that I discovered the fun that is Pokemon. Sadly I was told by my parents to give my Gameboy to my cousin and I was left with nothing to play with for a long time (at least 1 year).

That was when I discovered another solution with the advances of the Internet... If you know what I mean.

User Info: MT_TRAEH

4 years ago#22
pokemon blueeeeeee
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User Info: uubershikamarux

4 years ago#23
Here from the beginning.

I had a rom of pokemon green in japanese.

then i finally got my copy of red and a gameboy colour the day it came out. (I will always be thankful to my mum for buying this for me)
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#24
I played Pokemon Blue in 2003.

So around R/S era, but not played R/S.
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User Info: GunnerXII

4 years ago#25
I started with red and yellow while my older brother begin with blue

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#26
Pokemon Red when I was 12. Here from the beginning, and sticking here until the end.
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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#27
started with soul silver
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User Info: dragondance

4 years ago#28
Lets see.
1998 or so

so from the beginning
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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#29
1998, so beginning, specifically Blue then Yellow. Ah, memories of the green bricks of the day.
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User Info: littlelynn84

4 years ago#30
I've been here since the beginning. Although to be fair, when Gold/Silver came out, I sort of fell out of the series because I was like 16 and went through that incredibly stupid "I'm too old for Pokemon now" phase. By the time Ruby/Sapphire came out though, I ended up trying it on a whim and just fell in love with it all over again. And I'm here to stay this time. ^_^
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