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How much different is the Japanese metagame?

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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#1
I think I read somewhere that SR was a lot less prevalent. Is scizor the most used in Japan too?
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User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#2
From my understanding, the Japanese metagame (or at least the Wi-Fi one) has three tiers.

The first bans all ingame legendaries, events, and Pokemon with a stat total of 580 or higher save Slaking.

The second bans ingame legendaries and nothing else.

The third is a sort of "anything goes" that allows ingame legendaries. The problem is that this is from some dead threads that have to be found with Google cache.

They also seem to agree that Dark Void is OP because Darkrai can Dream Eater and Bad Dreams with ease.

Also, apparently this is, or was, their top 18 at some point.

Someone at Smogon posted...
One Gaburiasu Garchomp / Measures 21% 23
Two Metagurosu Metagross / Measures 20% 22
Three Urugamosu Volcarona / Measures 17% 18
Three Wed Rotomu Rotom-W / measures 17% 18
Five Bangirasu Tyranitar / Measures 16% 17
Six Genga Gengar / Measures 15% 16
Seven Hassam Scizor / Measures 14% 15
Seven Ratiosu Latios / Measures 14% 15
Nine Nattorei Ferrothorn/ Measures 13% 14
Ten Nyorotono Politoed / Measures 12% 13
11 Sazandora Hydreigon / Measures 11% 12
11 Doryuuzu Excadrill / Measures 11% 12
11 Parushen Cloyster / Measures 11% 12
14 Showers Vaporeon 10% 11
14 Robushin Conkeldurr 10% 11
16 Goukazaru Infernape / Measures 9% Ten (no one has a Blaziken?)
16 Jadran Slowbro 9% Ten
18 Efi Espeon 8% Nine DOT NINE (9.9)
18 Ononokusu Haxorus / Measures 8% Nine
18 GYARADOS 8% Nine
18 Heracross / Measures 8% Nine
18 Bomanda Salamence / Measures 8% Nine
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User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#3
prolly some joke tiers
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