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best and worst shiny sprites

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User Info: IzanagiBlast

4 years ago#11
Best: Ponyta, Rayquaza, Charizard, Nidoking, Yanma, Umbreon, Electrike, Metagross, Luxray, Rampardos, Yanmega, Gliscor, Glaceon, Gigalith, Cofagrigus, Zorua, Zoroark, Chandelure, Haxorus, Bisharp, Braviary, Genesect

Worst: Almost all that weren't in my Best Shiny Sprites list lol
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

4 years ago#12
Best: Charizard, Haxorus or Rayquaza. Black is one of my favourite colors/shades. Blue Gastly is also pretty cool.

Worst: Pokémon such as Garchomp or Gengar. They barely change at all.
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User Info: link_15

4 years ago#13
Best: ponyta
Worst rapidash

If only he kept the blue flames..
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User Info: Stormvale12

4 years ago#14
Worst: Garchomp and Dragonite.
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User Info: beebarb

4 years ago#15
Best: Charizard and Haxorous
Worst: Anything where the difference is so minor it can't be easily noticed.
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User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

4 years ago#16
Best: Charizard/Haxorus

Worst: Lugia, because it isn't Shadow Lugia. Although, even if Shadow Lugia wasn't a thing, shiny Lugia is still pretty bad.

User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#17
Best: Metagross
Worst: Anything that usually turn blue (I said usually as I like my Shiny Ditto and Nidoking)

Oh and Nidoqueen's look ugly.
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User Info: Moocow123450

4 years ago#18
Best: Rayquaza
Worst: Mismagius. I mean, that color looks like a putrid yellow. *shudders*
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User Info: MidnightCrew

4 years ago#19
Best: Scolipede
Worst: Erm... Kyogre. Looks so silly.
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#20
Best:Tie between Rayquaza and Lucario.
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