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What ability does Charizard need...

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User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#21
To get Charizard into OU?

Give it an ability where the opponent notices it's a Charizard and faints of laughter immediately.
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#22
smashman92 posted...
Jaricko posted...
What about just an ability that disables entry hazard damage. It gets rid of solar power which is a huge loss on charizard but charizard is at less UU material without stealth rocks to worry about even without solar power.

That'd be ok...but I'm really hoping for something that throws Charizard in OU. I'm hopeful we'll get it too. I need some re-invigoration in terms of Pokemon

Charizard if you get rid of the entry hazard weakness with an ability is not incredible stat wise, its usable though. With heavy weather use fire types become a lot stronger. However Typlosion vs Charizard is gonna come up now. If you get rid of solar power and the stealth rock weakness, what does he have over typlosion? nothing. They are not that far off stat wise and Typlosion learns eruption, one of the strongest fire moves available. Sun becomes more and more effective the higher the attack strength goes, Eruption gets more boost then fire blast does and it has more accuracy, it comes at the flaw of being hp based but on fire types you cannot afford to take much damage anyhow so it works.

Charizard has no eruption. It only has okay stats. With solar power his special attack is freakin insane.
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