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Smogon should really think about suspecting Jolteon.

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User Info: Block_Man_X

4 years ago#11
fahademon posted...
No need,since Raikou is a much better jolteon.

They are about even. Jolteons insane speed makes him really good, though his defense is terrible. Raikou has slightly better Sp atk and defense that isn't god awful ( though still not good), it can't baton pass or out speed literally everything. But he still has really good speed.
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User Info: TheSaintG

4 years ago#12
DaVeBaTiStAFaN posted...
pokemonfreak97 posted...
Dugtrio counters it. The Trapper Dugtrio set has a Focus Sash, so even if Jolteon's using LO and therefore can't be switched into a Specs Thunder, he can switch in on a KO, survive, and I believe STAB SE EQ, even off that 80 base Attack, OHKOs Jolteon. Dugtrio is used for countering other things (Heatran, Infernape, Jirachi, Tyranitar, et cetera), so Dugtrio is not used solely to counter Jolteon.

Having a solid counter in an OU Pokemon that would be viable anyway seems like a good reason to leave it OU. Can you say the same of any Uber? So suspect or not, it should stay OU.

Heatran counters Genesect. Espeon and Xatu counters Deoxys-D. Gastrodon and Jellicent counter Manaphy. Jellicent counters Blaziken.

you really dont get the process do you...

heatran only checked SOME types of genesect.
espeon and xatu only check SOME types of deoxys
gastrodon and jellicent lol they only hinder it at best seeing as manaphy carries coverage moves that are eithe nuetral or super effective AND they can do jack to him in the rain while he is boosting
Blaziken only gets countered by jellicent if it runs solely its stab and majority of non 1deminsional players run a coverage move. what is jelli going to do after coming in on stealth rocks and a +2 stone edge or shadow claw? you know that blaziken gets perfect nuetral coverage with high jumpkick and shadow claw alone right? what if it forgoes swordsdance and goes for a cleaner set.

the problem with all the above pokemon are that they centralized the meta AND their counters were extremely situational. usually that meant by the time you found out their moveset half your team could be gone.

a pokemon like hydreigon has no true counters but it lacks two things. one it has too many checks which leads to point two. its not centralizing the meta because the usage of the pokemon that check him are higher than its usage itself (to the point it became UU i belive while blissey, chansey, ttar all remained OU and went strong).
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User Info: AsdfYunsungfdsA

4 years ago#13
Obvious troll topic is obvious...heck I'll still humor you.

The checks and counters section of Jolteon's Smogon page tells you everything you need to know. And if people don't want to bother carrying a hard counter, pretty much any STAB priority move (many of which are CB boosted or technician boosted for Breloom) can kill it.
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