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C/D: Jigglypuff is your favorite character

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User Info: waterpkmaster06

3 years ago#21
RageKaiser posted...
PKMNTrainerPink posted...
ceedofevil posted...

Already have a favorite pink, cute, and round video game character. Only need one.

who si it nd wear can i fin them so i can kut themm

Okay. Y'know what? I smell troll.

That's why they changed it!!!
I will become the best water type pokemon trainer believe it!!! B1FC- 0691-4038-4139 Name: Jalen

User Info: darkbuster

3 years ago#22

Just a one note Kirby wannabe, I'll have my Flygon *****slap with an Iron Tail, to remind it of its place in the world.
Remember kids, it's only an RPG until someone gets hit with a meteor; Then it's a JRPG!
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

3 years ago#23
D. Salamence is going to kick some fairy a** as soon as he is made fun of.
"Fritz, leave this board and spend time with your only friends- Oreos."
Official Shadow Zangoose of the X board and Salamence of PGD!

User Info: ZTIger5

3 years ago#24
D. No and no.
Playing) FE: Awakening, Guild Wars 2. Skyrim, Pokemon White 2, Harvest Moon 11
Waiting) Pokemon XY, Batman: Arkham Origins, Titanfall, PvZ Garden Warfare

User Info: PKMNTrainerPink

3 years ago#25
DAAAAAaaaaaaiiiiiiisssysysysysysysysyyyy for Smash Bros!!!

User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#26
sorry but no
Fight Me.... MICKEYx 3ds FC: 4141-2356-8625 me 1st

User Info: 31walcraeb

3 years ago#27
Jaricko posted...
There are plenty of pokemon i like more.
Snivy, Bulbasaur, Magnezone ect.

Looks like this thread has gotten the "D"
To people who underestimate MU in postgame:

User Info: -Victini-

3 years ago#28

Victini>Eon Duo>>>>>Infernape>>>>>>>Muk>>>>>>Garbador>Pokemon Canceled>>>>>>Iris>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jigglypuff
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