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If you were an NPC, who'd be your signature Pokemon?

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User Info: SoraKH2_Mau

4 years ago#131

User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#132
If legendaries are allowed, Entei. If not, Beartic.

User Info: XionTeikiatsu

4 years ago#133
Pinsir. I'd want to be one of those early game bug catchers with like, 3 Metapods. Lead with Caterpie, go Metapods, then finish up with low level Pinsir(9-10?) or whenever it learns Seismic Toss.
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User Info: Jariu

4 years ago#134
Jolteon all the way.
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User Info: Ron_Burgandy_

4 years ago#135
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User Info: nova_pilot

4 years ago#136

User Info: TimeMage2

4 years ago#137
Lance already took Dragonite, so Gyarados.

User Info: Noble-Heart

4 years ago#138
Chaos_Missile posted...
TC, should've add a condition where said signature Pokemon must be an exclusive;.ie if it's the signature of another trainer, then you cant use it. This issue is why Clair's and Lance's team are so unoriginal.

For example, this is a list of trainer and their signature Pokemon that is not found on any other trainer's team unless special circumstances:-
Lance - Dragonite
Steven - Metagross
Karen - Houndoom
Bruno - Machamp
Sabrina - Alakazam
Blaine - Rapidash(it's seriously in EVERY team he uses, moreso than Magmar and Arcanine. Though, the later 2 is more iconic to him)
Jasmine - Steelix
Brock - Onix
Clair - Kingdra
Whitney - Miltank
Wallace - Milotic
Caitlin - Gothitelle
Cynthia - Garchomp
Lucian - Bronzong
Bertha - Hippowdon
Agatha - hard to say since she shares ones with...
Morty - Gengar, but see above
Misty - Starmie
Blue - technically has 3: Exeggcutor, Gyarados and Arcanine which is his 3 starter replacements. Pigeot might argualby qualify though.
Chuck - Poliwrath
Pryce - Mamooswine/Piloswine
Giovanni - Gym Leader is Rhydon, Boss is Nidoking and Queen. Arguably Persian as well.
Cyrus - Weavile

On topic, one of the below:-

Remove the entries with * if you follow the condition. The (?) after Drapion is because I'm unsure whether it's Aaron's signature, or just something really strong he uses.

Some additions that I think are their signature pokemon

Wes- Umbreon and Espeon
Michael- Eevee
Manga Red- Poliwrath
Manga Blue- Ditto or Wigglytuff
Manga Green- Scizor

and my signature pokemon is Lilligant.
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User Info: LeoAleph

4 years ago#139
A Light Ball holding Pikachu. And a Raichu.

User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#140
Dragonite...but..Lance. :(
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